On this Wednesday in the middle of nowhere

Baby Roses defrosting.
The rain catcher on the job. Ever hopeful.

The Red Quill got foliage but never bloomed. Now it is starting to fade.
Pickle ball set waiting for me to get healthy (and brave) enough to try again.

This isn’t the first time in my life that the world has teetered on the brink because of a ruthless dictator, but it is the first time a former US president has sided with the dictator. I have hope and do believe diplomacy will prevail, but nothing can save a party that roots for the destruction of the democracy that allows it to exist.

And that makes me very sad on this Wednesday in the middle of nowhere.

R. Tagore, Fireflies

Lazy Blogger’s Day, Auggie 12


Sign in shop in London. You think they really were?

In honor of Lazy Blogger’s Day – three totally unrelated pictures.  Can you make a story out of them?  If you can I’ll post it here on Ye Olde Twissel Bloggie!


Maimed sculpture in the British Museum. What do you think the model was doing with her arms and legs?


Beautiful penmanship but what do you think this person’s name was?

Okay, that’s it. Happy Lazy Blogger’s Day!

Blogger’s Lazy Day


My favorite spot – note the moss on the old oak’s arms as they reach across the path to provide a squirrel’s safe passage.

In honor of Blogger’s Lazy Day, otherwise known as Wordless Wednesday, I’m posting a few pictures from my daily walks around the local reservoir.


The lonely paddle boats yearn for the weekend when they can take to the waves to chase the geese.

A few weeks ago, after a rain, the grasses sparkled with dew and tiny wild flowers could be spotted here and there but now lack of rain is causing them to turn to straw.

Even these lowly weeds decorating the stinkeree have a certain grandeur in the spring, don't you think?

Even these lowly weeds decorating the stinkeree have a certain grandeur in the spring, don’t you think?

Okay, I didn’t quite achieve wordlessness (I’m a writer – what do you expect?)  But I have definitely achieved laziness.    Happy Blogger’s Lazy Day!