#ThursdayDoors: Set Design


These doors are magic in the making. One night soon the Starlight Players will emerge on stage to perform to small but loyal audiences. If you peak through the “windows” you’ll see another door.


Door to the dressing room?


Prop room?

I’m guessing the above pic shows the prop room. I was trespassing as all good ThursdayDoors folk must at some point or another. The Players are in the process of getting ready for their first performances of the summer. On the day we visited no one was working on the set but this is a community theatre group, most of whom probably have day jobs. For obvious reasons they don’t perform in the winter!


View from the stage, the stone stairs on which the audience sits.

I dabbled a bit in theatre in high school but I’m shy and can’t act so I primarily either helped with set design or props and watched the magic from behind the curtains. There’s a lot of flurry backstage during a performance.  A lot of excitement. It’s addictive like so many things, for instance, blogging.  I tell myself I must stop.  The day is beautiful and there are things to see and do.  But here I sit.


The Marquee

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13 thoughts on “#ThursdayDoors: Set Design

    1. I had to google of course, but the Starlight theatre doesn’t have nearly as dramatic a view! How wonderful that place looks!

  1. What cool door finds! Heheh I like the comment of us Thursday doors people trespassing 😌 I can picture it very vividly! ☺

  2. Shhhhh………. don’t mention trespassing………we would never do that. Would we? 😉 Great photos, Jan, I would bring a cushion for those stone seats, though.

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