Where were you?

I remember exactly where I was when it happened: On a rocking chair trying to get an obstinate six-month old to go to sleep. The television was on but I wasn’t really watching the football game. That is, until Howard Cosell stopped his play-by-play to make an announcement he felt couldn’t wait. John Lennon was dead.

The baby sensed my shock and settled down. I put him in his crib.  Then I went into the next room, turned off the light, crawled into bed, and covered my head with  blankets. I stayed that way until noon of the following day. Only the week before I’d heard Lennon on the radio, returning from a five year hiatus from the lusting, grasping hands of adoring fans.  He needed to get off the carousel, as he said, and learn to bake bread.

Although there are many great songs on his last album, Starting Over, I wish he’d become a baker instead.  Many of you were probably in diapers (or perhaps not even a twinkle in your father’s eyes) and have no memories whatsoever of those dark days that followed his death but for me, it was the end of a dream.

17 thoughts on “Where were you?

  1. I was a junior in high school, and heard the shocking and terrible news on the radio the following morning, Jan. Couldn’t believe it. Went to school, and everyone was in a daze; some were crying. Such a senseless tragedy.

  2. Another late night working for an orchestra. Didn’t learn about it until it was already the 10th. That day, the musicians were in shock, hesitated to pick up their instruments, played something – I don’t recall what – to honor him.

  3. I don’t have a memory of where I was when I heard about Lennon. I understood that he was significant, but somehow his murder just washed over me. Too young to understand the importance of it all, I suppose.

  4. No memory of the occasion, but I do remember the reaction of adults around me. I will always listen to him. I wish he’d become a baker as well.

  5. Diapers? Pshaw. I was nearing my first quarter century, with my head so far up my own, um worries, the news slipped through me, in and out, another worrisome thing, back before gun deaths were an everyday occurrence. What a poet. Some music stays and stays with you. His does.

  6. That was a very dark time, and indeed, the world was in shock. I was in Ohio then, woke up to the clock radio making the announcement, it was freezing cold and snowing. And it was clear the world would never be the same.

  7. I could not believe among all the not nice people, in the gentle life he was leading, someone crazy chose simply “John” to kill. It hit me like a bullet. Tears come when I hear Imagine on the radio.
    We grew up with those fun guys, singing Yellow Submarine and She Loves you Yeah, Yeah, yeah. Then, amazing songs developed and my heart expanded and grew for those British chaps. Thank you for remembering, Jan.
    I appreciate your commenting and warm caring thoughts on my blog. It’ll be awhile till I get caught up. . . 💞

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