101 Ways to Tell the World to Kiss Your Ass: #ThursdayDoors

While visiting relatives we ran into this contraption parked on a main thoroughfare in the San Diego suburb of Carlsbad and at first thought it was some kind of a food truck.  We couldn’t read the sign on the back from across the street and were standing, squinting, and wondering aloud what the sign might say when a middle aged man walking his dog in front of us turned and said.

“You are about to pass the author of 101 Ways to Tell the World to Kiss your Ass.”

At first I thought he was a resident of that area who was miffed that a vehicle other than an Audi or  Porsche was parked in his well-manicured, HOA maintained, gated community.  He seemed the type: clean-cut and dressed as a southern Californian does for most of the year, in shorts.

But I was wrong.  It was David H. Scott, the author himself.  Here he is  standing next to his 1929 1.5 ton Chevy. Here’s a better shot of the front:

If you want to follow his adventures (he’s currently planning a kayaking trek across Mongolia) his website is at: http://www.1indsob.com.  Who knows, maybe at some point you’ll run into him and say:  I know you.  And it’s all because of Norm Frampton’s weekly #ThursdayDoors challenge.

On our way back to our far less unique, red Prius, we passed these monstrous and prolific daisies who practically screamed “Happy Spring!”

They towered over us!

I regret that we are traveling and I may not be able to check out everyone’s contributions to the party.  But I’m thinking of you.


44 thoughts on “101 Ways to Tell the World to Kiss Your Ass: #ThursdayDoors

  1. Hi Jan,

    Hope all is well. Nice post and I was thinking about Invisiblyme as I was reading about David Scott and Kiss My Ass and it occurred to me that the difference between Invisiblyme and David Scott is so, so thin and for some reason, it makes me sad. But that is life for you, one second away from massive change…pleasure to pain and back again. Oh well, Malverde Days is all over me. Thanks. Duke

    1. He had the same pissed off, defiant attitude many Vietnam vets have. But it was a sunny bright day and he proudly drove off having thumbed his nose at those off us driving red Priuses. A complicated figure but great craftsman. Doing okay, thanks Duke – looking forward to Malverde in its entirety!

  2. That’s a pretty interesting contribution for Thursday Doors, Jan. It takes all kinds. He did a nice job on outfitting that truck, I like the outside lights. Also like the daisies.

  3. Hahah that’s brilliant! I want to know more about these 101 ways, it has me curious – off to check out his website. You really never do know what surprises the day has in store for you, I bet you never expected that.
    Beautiful flowers – spring really can’t come soon enough 🙂
    Save travels & I hope you have a lovely time visiting your relatives.
    Caz xx

  4. Thisis one cool addition to Norm’s doors. I’m glad you stopped to investigate what the heck was going on with that vehicle/door/man. Talk about unique advertising!

  5. Also, I found that the link to his website is broken. I backspaced to remove the .20% to open the page.

  6. “Interesting” fellow. And I am now compelled to do some research to find out why he wants the world to kiss his ass. Spoiler alert: Most of us aren’t going to 😉

  7. Hey J, happy spring to you too. It’s not very likely we’ll see it here any time soon. It’s still pretty cold in Germany.

    I also wanted to let you know my blog is now private. Had some ‘problems’ I wanted to get rid of. Anyway, you’ll need to ask for permission so I can grant you access. It’s easy, you’ll see, just click on my blog.

    1. We were in Southern California – close to the border with Mexico. Now we’re home and it’s cold and rainy. Sorry to hear about your blog problems!

  8. I loved seeing this funky truck and the quirky author of the indignant book, Jan. That truck is a hoot, I’m sure the book is too. I really liked your description at the beginning, too, of coming upon the truck. Great reflection in the windshield too. Have fun on your traveling adventure — thanks for sharing it with us.

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