Seamen vs. Semen

Duke’s tips for dealing with typos, either intentional or not! Enjoy.

tin hats

I posted “I Never Liked Zagreb” a few days ago.  As usual it had several problems.  My writing, which is kind of fucked up, attempts to reflect the nonsequential pattern of human life.  Many people read my stuff and say, “Well, this is a mess.”  They are right.  Things always seem out of place to me.  Often there is no apparent reason for an action.  That point interests me.  Some people spend a lot of time trying to convince themselves and others that everything is orderly, that contradictions make perfect sense. Politicians have a vested interest in trying to make the public believe that everything is fine.  I suppose we need to accept that, or else we all might go insane or kill the politicians, which we do from time to time, see the French, American, and Russian Revolutions for examples of both insanity and unexpected death.

I ran head…

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3 thoughts on “Seamen vs. Semen

  1. Ha. Great choice to share, Jan.
    As a technical editor in my “real job” I see so much… utter crap from highly paid guys. One of my favorites was “testes” used as the plural of test.

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