Cinderella plays Craps with M&Ms


Landing in Las Vegas – no sign of the living.

Apologies for neglecting my blogging duties but I just returned from a brief trip to Las Vegas where having regrets is the name of the game.  My personal favorite is that chicken sandwich I had in the hotel cafe the night before we left. By the time we got home (after a myriad of airport delays) my stomach felt like a balloon filled with nauseous gases about to explore.  As a result, I’ve just spent the last three days curled in a ball, never more than six feet from the bathroom.


The Rat Pack – outside of Frank Sinatra, who can name the other members?

Vegas is proof that the end of the world is upon us. You only need look at the roster of shows to support this thesis:  Michael Jackson at Mandalay Bay,  The Beatles’ Love at the Mirage  (Okay, half dead), the Jersey Boys at the Paris and the Rat Pack at the Rio.  All memories of days gone by.

DivasAnd then there’s Divas –  the Liza, Cher, Tina, Bette and Ann Margret transvestite review. Whenever I see ads for one of those reviews, I thank God I never became a celebrity.  I can’t imagine anything worse than being selected number one on the list of Celebrities Who’ve Aged the Worst or Plastic Surgery Gone Bad.

In Vegas people start drinking at – well, what am I saying – they never stop drinking. The four foot deep serpentine  pool

Gamblers exercising at a Vegas pool

Exercising at a Vegas pool.  Belly on up to the bar, folks, and take a chance.

at our hotel was filled all day with folks holding monster sized plastic cups filled with beer or margaritas.  Late afternoon they all trek back upstairs for a nap, only re-emerging after nine when the nightlife begins.

To see all those gorgeous show girls on the arms of half-dead beasts is a feminist’s vision of hell.  Coincidently, ambulances roll down the strip all night long, not quietly.  Sleep is impossible.

This show (a comedy) was set in the year I arrived in Nevada - the year all of the citizens got zapped by radioactivity and turned into Zombies.

According to this show (Zombie Burlesque), the year I arrived in Nevada all of the citizens were zapped by radioactivity and turned into zombies.

But how silly of me. Sleep?  In Vegas?  If you want sleep, stay home!

We stayed at the Tropicana which is one of the older hotels and sits across the street from the Disney-inspired Excalibur.

The "Castle" at night

The “Castle” at night

Thus we had a view of the pink and blue spires of the “castle.”

We’d flown down from the SF Bay Area to babysit our granddaughter, who will only dress in princess gowns and refuses to answer to any name other than “Cinderella,” while her mother was at a conference.  Of course, Cinderella was delighted that there was a castle right across the street and kept asking when we could go. So after meeting up with Princess M&M at the M&M Museum we took her over to the Castle.  Naively we were expecting at least one princess-themed display, game or event.  Just one!!   However all hopes were dashed when we were greeted at the door by a dominatrix and some of the boys from Thunder Down Under (male strippers from Australia).


The “princes” in the castle


All were bare-chested and dressed in skin tight leather pants.   “Where are the princes and princesses?”  I asked, “I mean this is a frigging castle, right?”


Cinderella with Princess M&M wondering why Prince Charming has no pants.



They looked at me as if I was speaking Martian.


The hopes of the young are soon dashed in Vegas.  But if you’re dead, it’s the place to be.




13 thoughts on “Cinderella plays Craps with M&Ms

  1. This was great fun! I’ve never been to Vegas and I’m thinking that I’m probably too old and clapped out for it now.I like my sleep too much…and hasn’t anyone told those boys that tight trousers aren’t good for your privates?

  2. This is so funny, Jan! I haven’t been to Vegas for about 25 years, and while I know it’s changed a lot, it sounds like it’s still the same at the core. Sorry about that chicken salad, and hoping you feel better soon.

    1. Congrats on a successful Chapel of the Bells wedding! I’m sure you’re not the only ones. Vegas tries to be family friendly but it really is still an adult playground. Thanks for commenting.

  3. What a difference in photos: your innocent granddaughter in her princess gown versus the boys from Thunder Down Under. Only in Vegas! (time to go again – smile)

  4. Hey I’m old enough to know the Rat Pack: Dino, Sammy Davis Jr, and Peter Lawford.
    (I’m only a week behind in my emails and blogging after virtually no internet for two weeks in Europe!)

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