A Plea from the Headwaters

From the SF Chronicle today: “Our culture does not know the dream of the individual, the single person.  We have never lived with the dream of the self-made man.  We only know a world of symbiotic coexistence, one universe, and shared perpetual interconnectivity.  And that is what we wish to share, considering the destruction of the headwaters of the Amazon and the “aerial rivers” of vapor will affect both the residents of your Fisherman’s Wharf and our Sapara community of Naku.”

Read the whole article here:


6 thoughts on “A Plea from the Headwaters

  1. There are so many destructive ways we as people (masses massively erring) could know and think of “better ways.” So, thank you, Jan. I read Op-ed pieces and wish they were the first page in a book of fine writing. Terrific read!

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