The Mission, Part 1

Alleys are generally not on a tourist’s “must see” list.  In fact they’re generally on the “do not enter” list.  Muggers and bums live in alleys.  Trashcans overflow in alleys.  Drug dealers hang like vampire bats in alleys.  But in an area of San Francisco known as The Mission and famous for the annual Castro Street faire and the Brazilian inspired Carnaval  a network of alleyways is slowly becoming a must-see.

These are someone’s garage doors.  Most of the homes and businesses in this area back up to alleys, providing a graffiti artist’s paradise. 

And then gradually the area began to attract muralists.

Because this area is heavily hispanic, many of the garage doors are blessed by the Holy Mother.

Many of the murals cover not only the garage doors but the entire back and sides of buildings and the alleys are narrow.

Thus it’s difficult for a spot-and-click photographer such as myself to get the entire image. The garage doors are beneath the GG Bridge.

Many of the murals have political or socioeconomic  messages.

This one pertains to the Palestinian struggle although I’m not sure what the arrows on the right mean – no way out?

Okay – these are the best from the first alley.  There are three more to go.  Checkout other doors over at Norm Frampton’s ThurdayDoor event. 


18 thoughts on “The Mission, Part 1

  1. Thank you for coming by! In Sacramento we have an alley like this (probably smaller than in San Francisco?) No doubt, many are to put their socio-economic/political opinion on walls! Rather they do that in a less permanent way! Have only been in that city to pick up our son from the airport. You

    1. Thanks – I was trying to keep up with the gang I was with. None of them were Thursday doors folks so they had no appreciation for the treasure trove of doors we’d stumbled on to.

  2. I think these kinds of alleys are becoming more and more popular.

    Although I like bright colours, the greyish roses in the 3rd photo are my favourite. That artist did a lovely job.

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