Favorite Doors of 2019

For me, one of the bright spots of this year has been Thursday Doors, a  challenge by blogger Norm Frampton that encourages photographers (and those of us who point and click) to share entrances, arches, doors, and even sometimes windows from around the world, both the grand and the not so grand.  Sometimes those entrances have a backstory and sometimes they’re just whatever catches the eye.

My favorite doors from this year were actually garage doors.  I found them in a neighborhood of San Francisco known for its extremely diverse culture:  The Mission District.  Before the 1970s this area was heavily hispanic and not on any tourist’s map.  Then artists and hipsters, attracted by the low rents, began to move in.  They convinced home owners, restaurants and shop keepers to let them brighten otherwise dark and suspicious alleyways with their artwork.

Many of the murals (like the above) have political messages.  Others are whimsical.


A few had cultural overtones. I don’t know what Che is doing in the above mural but there he is.
Because the Mission District is named after 1776 Mission Dolores, it’s not uncommon to see religious murals. Some are inexplicable.

To see other Mission doors click on any of these links

Finally, this door caught my eye down in San Diego.

24 thoughts on “Favorite Doors of 2019

  1. Hi Jan,

    Okay, I’m starting to warm to doors. Nice photos. I want to issue a new challenge: Unusual Outhouse Doors. No typical outhouse doors. There must be something exotic about them, something that grabs one’s imagination at 2:00 a.m. on the dark path of semi-consciousness and dread. Thanks. Duke

  2. Oh my goodness is this good art! I can see why these are some of your favs!
    Too bad this arrears does not have more cheaper rent areas – sure would or could help with homelessness

      1. so sad that it is such a big population there and hope they find a solution.
        Years ago I did a quick post on my trip to Virginia Beach to see my niece perform. I liked my photos and the post that unfolded – but it always slightly haunted me that I failed to take photos of the huge group of homeless folks behind the center. We drove by them at least three times.
        at first it was such a large group – in the afternoon – we thought it was a concert.
        later – we realized they were congregating there as a homeless community.
        I likely did not snap any photos because I was still so surprised.
        and as noted, after my post – which I liked just fine – but it felt incomplete to leave off that segment of the area.
        and coming back here today – the third photo down showed me more – like the 19 on the cup and the words – hmmmm

  3. I’m not sure why WP won’t let me like this post, but consider it liked. It’s been a great year of great doors and I can see why you would pick these as your favourites 🙂

  4. Some stunning beauty in the artwork you found here. The colors catch the eye and make you want to stop and take a closer look, and then they just pull you in deeper.
    Happy Holidays to you and yours Jan, and here’s to many good doorscursions in 2020 🙂

  5. Really enjoyed your highlights of the Mission District, Jan. The art, color, and passion that can be found here are a delight. My best wishes to you for a really happy new year, lots of creativity, fun, health and good times.

  6. Thanks Jet. Definitely didn’t start out too well (I got the flu) but hey, can only get better from here. Hope this is a great year for you – memorable for all the right reasons.

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