Enjoy already

In Northern California where I live we are having the most incredible weather.  Sunny and springlike days, no wind, no fog, no smog so why am I so glum?  Because it’s supposed to be raining!  Plants are dying.  The whole bloody month of February has been bone dry and in the 70s.  If it stays this way, by summer we’ll all be dead.

Well, probably not but we won’t have enough water to shower daily or wash the car.  These grassy hills will turn brown. Trees, wither and droop sadly to the ground.

However, that could all change.  The high pressure driving storms north of us could weaken and then we would be back to misery of endless rain.   So why not just enjoy the good weather like this family?

Because in the United States we have the stupidest president imaginable. Any person with a head still on should be able to defeat him in the next election.  And yet, like the lack of rain in California, there seems to be a lack of common sense amongst the people running against him. They’re all infinitely smarter than him.  They’re all infinitely more trustworthy than him.  They’re all at least … human.

Okay, Grandpa Bernie has been claiming for decades that America could be just like Canada or Denmark or Sweden!  Or even Germany.  All we have to do is tax the insanely rich.  It’s not that far left.  He’s not Fidel Castro. He’s said how he’ll pay for Medicare for All but he can’t provide exact numbers because it’s never been attempted.  Just like the frigging rain in California.  It might return, it generally does but what if it doesn’t?  It has been done successfully in other countries.  I’ve been to those countries.  They are not like Cuba or even Russia.

Next, Boss Bloomberg’s big mouth. People make remarks in the workplace every day that someone finds offensive. I had a boss who could not construct a sentence without using some form of the word “fuck.”  He used it as a noun, adjective, adverb, in prayers to God, meetings with important clients, and even when blowing out the candles on his birthday cake.  But he was an uber generous man who believed everyone – janitor, secretary, CEO – deserved an equal voice and respect and so complaints to Human Resources about his “inappropriate” language generally got filed in the trash can. Do we really care if Richie Rich makes an inappropriate joke every now and then?  Compared to what we got now, no.

So my ballot’s been sitting on the counter untouched, like the electric bill for a freezing month that you just don’t want to open.  Spoiler alert. I’m leaning toward Uncle Joe.


42 thoughts on “Enjoy already

  1. I’ll swap you some East coast rain for a little dry weather… Your comment about a candidate with a head on their shoulders made me laugh; I pictured a headless candidate as an okay substitute too. I wish the Democrats had started shaking the trees and looking under rocks to drum up a superstar oh, maybe 4 years or so ago.

    1. It is silly to complain about wonderful weather as we didn’t really have a spring last year. Or much of a summer and in the fall half the state was burning down! Weather in California has always been unpredictable.

  2. This was another one of your uber writings, Jan, that had several great punches — I also appreciated the comparison between the unpredictable rain and the unpredictable presidential situation. As much as I can’t stand the current president and the chaos he stirs, I had to burst out laughing at this: “So why not just enjoy the good weather like this family?
    Because in the United States we have the stupidest president imaginable.” Sending best wishes in this volatile time, my friend.

      1. I’m with you, Jan. I have, however, stopped commenting to strangers about it being a nice day, because everyone invariably grumbles back, “we need the rain,” of which I am very aware. I’m with you, just going to enjoy it.

  3. I like what you have to say here and think your unpredictable rain comparison is perfect. As a registered Independent voter I’ll vote blue no matter who, so I’m just waiting to see who the DNC decides on. Sooner would be better than later in my estimation, but like your rain– we’ll see.

  4. It’s Ice Age here. We’ve never had so many storms. This is insane.
    Yes, I agree, like Germany. There’s no way you can get insanely rich here. Or just rich. Taxes are super high and there’s no messing with the state. No one is above the law, esp.not the president/ prime minister.

      1. True, not much son here. It’s better here in the south, though. A friend is currently working in Bremen. He says he doesn’t recall when he last saw the sun.
        This climate is worrying me. It’s so cold here, whereas it can be as hot as in India back in Serbia. It’s scary.

  5. The Orange Man is a Roy Cohn-trained gangster. He is certainly not stupid. And, I’m no fan by any stretch of the imagination. He’s just a gangster. He plays hardball & speaks his mind, however off the wall it is. That being said, when the fake impeachment chaos was ongoing, ad infinitum, ad nauseam, the Deep State really gave us a peek at how deep the corruption is…and still is.

    Our country truly went to shit with “W” followed by the Obamanation. Those two (who are buddies) truly have brought us to our knees. Don’t even get me started on Daddy Bush or Clinton.

    Joe Biden will never get the nomination or be elected. He & his family are too scandal ridden. Plus, he acts too much like Jeffrey Epstein or Harvey Weinstein. Creep factor off the charts…

    I suspect Bernie will get shafted by the DNC, again & the nomination will go to Nanny Mini-Mike. That will pave the way for Hitlery to come back. Watch carefully.

    I gave up voting years ago. Left-wing. Right-wing. It’s all the same big, ugly bird. No matter who is Prez, the Deep State & the oligarchs run the world.

    I’m surprised you don’t like Warren.

    Love those geeses!!! And, California is a beautiful state.

  6. I’m very fond of Elizabeth Warren and I was a Sanders supporter last time around. If Trump isn’t an illiterate moron than he’s an excellent actor. The state I grew up in (Nevada) was run by the mob and those guys would have never put up with Trump. They’d have thrown him in the Truckee River long ago. Why do you think he can’t get a gambling license in that state?

    1. Mob families were distributed around New York, New Jersey, Buffalo, Detroit, Chicago and Las Vegas. Vegas wound up under the Chicago bosses and New York area families deferred to the wishes of the Chicago families. Chicago, in turn, was asked to stay out of New Jersey. There were divisions and different associations:

      Trump had ties to the New York groups. His gambling licenses were on the East Coast. All mob ties are tenuous at best:
      (Whitney Webb did some fantastic research)

      Cohn was also tied to Ronald Lauder (Estee Lauder), Clinton, Dick Morris (his cousin) and Epstein and, Epstein & Morris are connected to George Stephanopoulos.

      It is a huge, tangled web.

  7. I only wish I could send you some the constant rain and weekend storms we’ve had in the UK this February. It’s on the road to be one the wettest February’s on record. All we want is a few days of blue skies and sunshine to dry everything out. And if anybody says the word ‘drought’ in the UK this summer, they’ll be big trouble from me.
    I hope it rains for you soon.

    1. Thank you Hugh. I know that if I don’t enjoy the weather now when it changes I’ll be kicking myself. But like Jet said, Californians are always worried about not having enough water. One of the first things I did during my last trip to London was take a nice long bath! I hope you guys get some reprieve soon!

      1. According to the Met Office, our relentless rain and storms should come to an end mid-March. The weather patterns around the world seem to be in some kind of crazy phase at the moment. However, I read this week that our planet will enter a mini ice-age next year. 🧊

      2. I certainly hope we don’t enter a mini-ice age but these are scary times we live in. I have my fingers crossed that all my British friends will soon be enjoying springlike weather!

  8. Would you like some English weather yesterday we had, rain, sleet, wind,snow followed by sunshine. We have floods really bad ones now, by summer we will be on hosepipe bans, we have snow that will melt and add to the floods..
    Why am I moaning, like you I know there is no point! Whatever the weather this country makes it a problem, too foggy, too wet, too dry. Transport grinds to a halt!
    Hey how, good luck with the elections that’s an whole other story 💜💜💜🌈🌈🌈🌈

    1. Mother Nature is not fair or predictable, that’s for sure. The only thing most of us care about is getting rid of Trump. I wish that was the focus of the candidates running.

  9. They don’t debate the issues anymore because marketers figured out decades ago that declaring one’s own position on any issue only gives the opponent ammunition to use against you. Especially in a 2-party system where you don’t have to be better or more qualified than your opponent, you just have to show that they are the worse option. The best way to achieve that is to make grand vague promises that offer overly simplistic solutions to complex problems while offering zero specifics about how you’re going to make that happen. As in: “We’re gonna build a wall and Mexico’s gonna pay for it.”
    The rest of the world is really pulling for you guys.

    1. Thank you Norm. You are right – the only promise should be to get rid of Trump and restore America’s reputation in the world. Everything else can be worked out.

  10. Great post, Jan. The weather is so messed up everywhere. Some may say there’s no difference between left wing and right wing, but I disagree. Also, if we don’t get a president who considers climate change his/her top priority, we’re in serious trouble.

    Anyone but Trump! Any democratic candidate who gets the nomination will get my vote and as much enthusiasm and time as I’m able to give.

    1. Thanks Mary. I have a friend who believes the left wants to abort babies after they’re born and legalize pedophilia and that Hillary and Obama are running child sex slave trafficking rings. They have to reelect Trump (whom they claim to dislike) to prevent that from happening. Listening to her makes me want to smash my head against the wall. A sweet person, well-educated, well-traveled but completely drawn into what I consider to be Russian propaganda. But we’ve got kids at risk and so gotta fight another day.

  11. I am with you Jan. Our president is horrible in every way. Also, deluded. I wanted to vote for a woman in the primary, and Joe’s not knocking my socks off, but I’m getting my ballot in the mail and it will be another one for Biden.

    1. I was disappointed the women haven’t been doing better – particularly Amy. I thought she could have made mincemeat out of DT. Ah well, at least we voted! I don’t understand people who are sitting it out.

  12. These are my thoughts too – although I could not have expressed them so well. I’m angry that we have so many candidates to split the vote – I’d vote for nay of them if they can beat Trump. Then there is the 15 % rule that is practically forcing people to vote for Bernie who I don’t think can win. Second in line is moderate Biden – but they are both getting old. I voted anyway…for neither.

    1. For me – the pressure has come from the Warren supporters. I’m worried that they may be as bitter as the Hillary supporters toward both Biden and Bernie. We really need to come together.

  13. I concur about the language and the offense and the comparison. I really liked the bit about your foul-mouthed boss. Our office is like that, moreso when clients aren’t present, but enough that we have to ask job candidates if they’re offended. Everyone says no but several of them have lied as if their being offended would prevent them being hired?
    I’ll vote blue no matter who.
    I hope y’all get rain. Nice, steady, consistent rain.

    1. Thanks Joey. It’s been my experience when hiring people that they’ll say almost anything to get hired! I worked with a bunch of scientists once (mostly men) who treated lay people like subhumans but the job was working with them and not correcting their social skills. No one I hired really understood. So I came up with hypotheticals instead. What would you do if….

  14. I caught Uncle Joe early today on TV. He was responding to trump’s bs assurance to the American people, w/o any real clear plan… except to stop Europeans from going to America… and many falsehoods.
    Boy, did Uncle Joe ever sound FAB!
    He has a plan for NOW, it’s on his website and trump/WH is welcome to it.
    Whatta guy! Go Joe!

    1. I missed it but I’m sure it was more reassuring that trump’s idiocy. For crissakes, it’s a pandemic. It’s bad but it won’t last forever. Why not just use common sense. Heaven help us.

      1. Even my most skeptical hubby said Uncle Joe did great. I’ll skip the details, but that means… lots!
        As a Canadian, I want to say that I love my American sisters & brothers. What’s that saying? There is more that binds us than separates us?
        That goes for the world, a word that trump does not seem to live in.
        We will prevail!

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