And what would the sky say?

Y’all will be happy to hear that I’ve given up attempting to analyze the greatest American short stories of the last century (according to John Updike). Apparently Americans were screwed up then and guess what? 2020 has proven that the first twenty years into a new century, we ain’t getting any better.  What would Updike say?  Do I care anymore?  Nah.  

And … with uncommonly good weather forecast for the remainder of the week, I’m off to the teahouse.  

My attempt at the fields of Tuscany – looks more like the black hills of Mordor

I am a mediocre artist who’s been awfully lucky.  My husband, son, and father built this teahouse so that I would have a place to paint far from the house, the television, the telephone and the internet.  It wasn’t a hurried project.  I think it took them four years of working primarily on the weekends and holidays.  For years it was their man time while I entertained my stepmother who loved to shop.  Their reward would be a big meal and nice glass of wine in the evening.  (my step mother also loved to dine out so a home cooked meal was a real treat for Dad) 

The grossly over-engineered ceiling … built to withstand even an attack by Godzilla

Then I decided to write.  Such a great idea, follow one mediocre career with another, hey? But I never totally give up painting.  Every now and then, going down to the teahouse is like taking a sanity break. 

My sane place

Sometimes I’ve taken out my awe on the canvas.  Sometimes my grief.

Done shortly after a friend’s death through tears and much guilt.

Today I decided to take on my view.

View to the west
A rough sketch

Maybe tomorrow I’ll be brave enough to add some color! What do you think – purple branches? A marmalade sky?


31 thoughts on “And what would the sky say?

  1. On color for painting, both. Tea house beautiful. Bomb blast in Beirut. 3 a.m. talked to friend who was recently transferred from Beirut to Amman. We discussed how messed up Lebanon was, and now, a new catastrophe from them–hundreds missing or dead, thousands injured. Blast looks like a small nuclear device. Good luck on your painting. I like the face of the woman. She looks apprehensive. Sorry about your friend. So sorry. Duke

  2. I will take hills of Mordor any day. The tints are so evocative. As for the portrait–the brush strokes create an impression in me that tears have just been washed off of a strong face and now she can face you; I cannot tell if it’s the grief and guilt or a reproach coming so steadily out of the eyes right into mine. There’s so much emotion in the painting.

  3. I’d like to see the skulls of mice and crows dangling like Christmas at Poe’s. Finger bones and turkey feathers, marti gras beads the only color, garish and gaudy, flung from the necks of floozies.

  4. That tea house is a gem, so is the view very Japanese. The painting of your friend ( I assume it is your friend) is amazing I’d say you have plenty of talent. The new painting is beautiful too don’t forget to show us when it’s done. You could cover the painting of Tuscany with a yellow be sea of sun flowers ….. 💜💜💜💜

  5. I like your black hills of Mordor. I wish I had a tea house like that. It’s wonderful.

    As for the tree, paint it like you see it. Then, you post it for us to see. 😀

    1. Thanks! Right now we’re having a heatwave – too hot to paint. Actually too hot to do anything but feel sorry for myself (and everyone else who is melting…)

      1. LOL! It’ll pass… I’ll send you some of our storms so you can cool off. It has, literally, rained everyday for a month…sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Between the tropical storm/hurricane and the heat-generated showers, my Mums from last year are doing nicely.

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