Between lightning storms

It feels like the end of the world here in California. And, as if the fires burning largely unabated weren’t enough, another round of dry lightning is heading our way. I just don’t know how we’re going to make it.

Sun rising through smoke

East of us, evacuees are being allowed back to their homes (if they are lucky). However the smoke is still too hazardous to breathe.

The garden is becoming hallucinogenic, perhaps even radioactive.

When the air begins to clear, the hawks circle. Sometimes high; sometimes just over my head. And then …

The magic plant pops to life.

26 thoughts on “Between lightning storms

  1. I want to cry when I hear what’s happening in California. When I was growing up in San Jose, we spent so many hours camping/hiking/picnicking in Big Basin, but that’s largely destroyed. Just got off Zoom call with my family, and many are on evacuation standby. My heart bleeds.

    1. Oh dear. I hope your family is okay. The fire came dangerous close to Santa Cruz last night – for a time they thought they’d have to evacuate the whole town. Pictures were horrifying.

  2. Thanks Jan for the report. Good luck. One thing, can you keep an eye out for “ball lightning”? I once had my door open in Maseru and a lightning bolt hit near the doorway and a ball of lightning rolled into the house. It was during a snowstorm, so go figure. Thanks. Duke

  3. Blimey it’s grim. And i moan about my dessicated lawn. Glad you’ve a name for your penis plant. If ever you decide to prune it then make a note at the top of the post so I don’t have to see the pictures

  4. Still wishing you rain. We’ve had so much that, instead of a penis plant, we are inundated with shrooms. I keep looking for Alice, rabbits with watches and caterpillars with hookahs.

    Keep us posted. Another blogger I follow is getting smoke from the fires in Colorado.

  5. I’m so sorry, Jan. So much bad stuff going on in CA. I hope things get better soon, and also that your mother’s health improves. At least you know the name of the penis plant now. It’s quite pretty covered in flowers.

  6. It sounds like nature is being really hard on you out there. She must be well pissed off! I am still praying for everyone out there.
    I still say that plant is a tryphid! For goodness sake don’t cut it it might eat you 😳💜💜💜

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