Sunset today: 7:50

Each day for the next seven is predicted to be the same.  Slightly cooler one day; slightly warmer the next.  Every day, cloudy. Or is it smoke?

Air Quality: Unhealthy.  Chance of rain: 10% Wind: wsw 13 mph.  

I keep singing along with James Taylor:

I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain,
I’ve seen lightning strikes I thought would never end,
I’ve known lonely times when I could not find my phone
but I always thought I’d see the fog again.

Been trapped inside by bad air,
checking out the weather app.
Lord knows when the hot wind blows,
it’ll turn your breath to ash.
Now there’s hours and hours on the internet,
talking of blogs to come, sour dreams and flying machines
grind wishes into dust.

Can you spot the critter in this photo?

Okay … ending on a positive note. Although we’ve been trapped inside all day, the unhealthy air has been calm. The firefighters have made some progress and reinforcements from other states have arrived. The winds, which were predicted to be erratic and deadly, so far are gentle. But sunset is at 7:50 which is when the fireworks are predicted to begin.

Packed my bags this morning,
took a picture of my plant.
Now I just can’t remember who to send it to.

(apologies to James Taylor)

44 thoughts on “Sunset today: 7:50

  1. Sending a hug, Jan. And hope that Americans will vote for Biden/Harris and get tRump out of the White House. Four more years of this disaster will render slowing climate change almost impossible.

      1. I know! My family are packed and ready to go. The ones in Santa Cruz have already been evacuated. So awful that all the places I identified with a golden California childhood are now facing destruction.

  2. James would be so proud to hear your version of his song! I saw your squirrel so cute! Be safe, be healthy I really hope things improve for you it must be real worry.
    How is Clifford Tryphid doing? 💜

      1. I hope the wild life is okay but more worried about you please take care. Good job Clifford has stop growing he is big enough ! Take care i

  3. I was so relived to wake up this morning to no lightening, and calmer weathers. This weather has sucked, and I’m sick of the smoke and heat and COVID and everything. (And we are safe, in our home, two jobs, a/c works, Netflix, books, etc, so I know I am a big baby and have absolutely nothing to complain about.)

  4. This was a brilliant rendition of James Taylor’s song, Jan, and brought a smile to my face. I’m still with you in the same smoky pall, but aren’t we indeed all glad that new prediction of lightning never came to fruition? We stay locked in our houses checking the containment percentages every day, knowing how lucky we are to at least have a house. Sending best wishes to you and your neighbors….

  5. That is a fun parody, JT.
    Hope the fires and smoke go away! We get some crazy reports on your fires up here in Canada.
    We also get way more forest fires than we used to. Fort McMurray burned down a few years ago…88,000 people fled!

  6. Very happy you are upbeat enough to do your own rendition of Fire and Rain, Jan. What a world. Glad you are keeping calm and carrying on. I think of you and all of those out west, including my son and his family in Seattle. Home school, working from home and now can’t go out in the yard for the smoke. You live in the loveliest state. Hoping these intense fires pass soon.

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