Update from the Planet Pizza Oven

Monday the 7th

The only sign that life remains
are in the moments just before dawn
somewhere down near the creek … the children playing
called quickly indoors before the smoke returns
and suffocates

I linger over apps that promise relief,
which never comes. The first day of triple digits,
I close the windows before the sun comes up,
the house stays bearable until late afternoon.
The second day, I draw the blinds,
the house stays bearable until noon.
the third day … I pray the power stays still on.

Currently it’s hovering between 108 and 110 with an air quality fluctuating between Unhealthy for Certain Groups and Unhealthy, period. The weatherman keeps promising a break but I know what’s going on.  They just don’t want to admit that California has become a pizza oven.  Guess what suckers – welcome to your new reality. 

Even my funky penis plant is suffering.  I had expected the blossoming to have climbed to the tip of the stalk. But then it stopped. 

I’ve actually come to love this funky plant. I think I’ll grow a whole garden full of them.

Jan’s Future Squill Garden

Only they prefer an arid landscape and it does rain in California.  Sometimes.  I hope.  Soon.

Tuesday, Sept. 8th 8:00 AM: The power is back on but high winds are expected. Meaning: charge your batteries and buy ice. It’s 72 and too smokey to see the sun. But, the children are playing in the driveway across the street.

24 thoughts on “Update from the Planet Pizza Oven

    1. There was one fire up near Bodega but I believe it’s well under control. Yup – snowing in the Colorado! But then I don’t think I’ve ever been to the Rockies when there wasn’t snow somewhere.

    1. Thanks Dan – now the real problems are north and south of us. We have some kind of funky marine layer pushing the smoke up high so the air quality is better but the sky is dark orange. One newscaster said “I went to sleep on Earth and woke up on Mars.”

  1. So crazy!
    It’s stupid hot here, but not that hot. Still, the power goes off regularly.
    It was never this hot in Toronto, when I moved here. Now, it seems the mercury is punishing us.
    It reminds me of an old Twilight Zone.

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