The cub is coming

I received a 2021 calendar in the mail today. It’s nice to know that someone is hopeful.

2020 lies exhausted and sends forth her fierce and determined cub. It’s an image I’ll keep in mind as we go forth into strange territory.

The strange Red Quill which bloomed so spectacularly as my mother lay dying and a million acres burnt to dust here in California, is now spent but at its roots, seems ready once again to surprise me.

I noticed a bit of green at the base of the dried stalk on Halloween day.

A few days later it was splitting. And what’s that on the other side?

Another bit a green amidst the dying leaves. You just never know.

I voted weeks ago and so tomorrow I’m making bread … from scratch. Rosemary, garlic bread. And I’ll eat it hot with plenty of butter. And I’ll try to keep in mind that fierce little cub. She’s coming.

14 thoughts on “The cub is coming

  1. Well said. I like your little cub, hoping she is a harbinger of what we need in 2021. Your bread sounds wonderful. I’m sure I can smell it baking from here.

  2. I recognized that picture at once – it is a nice calendar. Biden has a hard row to hoe – esp. if the Senate stays red (McConnell will oppose anything and everything Biden proposes) … but still hopeful, happy (?) days are here again!

    PS I think your strange stalk is a bulb of some sort. Did it have a pink flower? IF so I’m betting it’s a “Naked Lady” 😉

    1. I’m pretty sure it’s a Red Quill and yes it did spring from a bulb. The Nature Conservatory actually sent us two 2021 calendars – I was going to offer you one as we also have one from the Audubon society but it sounds like you already have one!

  3. I’m sorry Jan. These are hard times with the election frenzy, the fires in fall, and Covid. But having to watch your mother dying on top of all that is really harrowing. I hope this cub and the love of friends and family and happy days are in your future.

    1. Of all the difficult things to survive this years, realizing that so many people – millions of people – are still brainwashed into believing T is their savior and corvid is not real. That’s the most painful.

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