It’s already been said again and again …

I took this shot from my deck yesterday. Have you ever taken a picture that captures exactly the way you feel? The oak in the middle of the picture is not dead. It wasn’t even covered in ice. It was as if the trees felt my despair and spoke to me. We feel it too. The world feels it.

A few years back I took this picture:

I have no idea what buttons I pushed on the iPhone to get the shot. I was feeling apocalyptic at the time but the moon didn’t blow up.

So many bloggers I’ve known for years are quitting. It started during the Trump years when it was hard to sit down at the keyboard and pretend half the US hadn’t just lost their minds. And then came the plague which brought forth a fresh round of craziness. For many bloggers, it was saner to just walk away.

And now we have this unthinkable war and what can you say? Nothing because it’s already been said again and again and again.

The last sun of the century set
amidst the blood red clouds of the West
and the whirlwind of hatred
the naked passion of selflove of Nations,
in its drunken delirium of greed,
is dancing to the clash of steel
and the howling verses of vengeance
The hungry self of Nation shall burst in a violence of fury
from its own shameless feeding
For it has made the world its food

R. Tagore, written just before WWI

“For every storm, a rainbow; for every tear, a smile.” An old Irish blessing

28 thoughts on “It’s already been said again and again …

    1. I think Tagore had it right – greed is the reason for most wars. People allow themselves to be led by a madman because they think it will benefit them. Human nature has to change.

  1. That’s a powerful poem, JT. I think in times like these, bloggers and other people are needed more than ever, quietly and in their own small ways bringing bits of happiness, laughter, joy, solace, escapism, reminder of blessings, a place to connect/cry/rejoice. We can’t all do big things but we can all do some small positive thing.


    1. I agree. It is so important to stay in contact. Every morning I look forward to saying hi to all my virtual friends. One moment of joy to start the morning. But I can understand why some bloggers just can’t handle it anymore.

      1. Or just some people, not just bloggers. I’ve also been sending lots of cards and postcards, even though I rarely get any back. And Zoom made the holidays much better and FaceTime does the same for talking with friends who are far away.

  2. I’ve noticed a lot of my blog friends slipping away as well. Me? I stay… and find posting helps me get through the tough times. The world has gone crazy, in so many ways.

  3. Here’s a good line … I think it has something to do with this post, although I need to think about it: the dreams my bones dream. It comes from a song by a Japanese piano player. She looks pretty cool. Thanks for this post. It makes me feel better. Duke

    1. The musician is Eiko Ishibashi and her past led me to her remembrance of the Manchurian invasion by the Japanese Army. Turns out they bombed and shelled civilians and then shelled the survivors as they tried to escape. I think her family had something to do with the invasion. So there, I knew there was some reason to give you that line. Moment to moment things work out somehow. Duke

  4. “So many bloggers I’ve known for years are quitting.” I’m finding the same thing. I feel more alone in blogland now than I did in my early years, when I knew my bloggy friends were there for me. Now, apparently, I have followers. 😑

  5. HI Jan, this is a very powerful poem and picture. For me blogging is an escape from reality, a place where I share poetry, prose, and pictures. I try not to let the ‘real’ world intrude to much. It is a shame other bloggers are losing those benefits and allowing external factors over which we have no control to take over. I think an escape is very necessary otherwise one could go mad with anxiety and worry about the future.

  6. Like everything else in life, the blogging world has changed. Bloggers come and go, and many quit for different reasons. But an essential point about blogging is that so long as you still enjoy it, and you get fun and enjoyment out of it, then carry on enjoying it. When it becomes a chore, or you find yourself blogging out of guilt or stress, it’s time to step back and take a good look at what you’re doing.
    Happy blogging, my friend.

  7. Jan, I think we need to maintain our blogger connections more than ever. The few blogs I read are a constant reminder that there are people out there, living normal lives, making the best of a series of bad situations. Being here balances my IRL connections and gives me hope that we are not all that different.

    1. That’s wonderful to hear. I do love to hear how folks are handling those inevitable changes in life that we all face. I think that’s what keeps me going. I’m a people person … an introvert but a people person.

  8. Hi!
    It is sad when blog friends leave – whether due to politics or crazy world events – or just because they want a new life mode without blogging
    I almost walked away a handful of times – and still could – but I don’t see that happening – I would try to check in monthly – but who knows

    Anyhow – the blog world can be such a support during the crazy and the zany and so maybe some of those exiting bloggers have it Wrong ! They leave when they should stay

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