Drink more vodka #ThursdayDoors

Apparently it will help you stay fit!

Yes, I really do follow liquor trucks around all day hoping something good will fall off!

I found a few legitimate doors from our trip to Santa Catalina Island. Below is the main entrance to the Casino.

The mural above the entrance. As I mentioned before, the Casino (built in 1929) is now a museum.
Another mural in the entrance. I imagine when it was new the colors were more vivid.
The ticket booth. During the day you can take a tour and in the evening you can see a movie in the theater. Otherwise it’s off limits.
Here’s a reminder of what the Casino looks like on approach. On the ground level there’s a store where you can buy or rent snorkeling equipment or arrange to go on a snorkeling adventure.

Check out other doors at Dan Anton’s ThursdayDoors extravaganza.

13 thoughts on “Drink more vodka #ThursdayDoors

  1. Beautiful doors and a sense of humor. It doesn’t get any better. Thanks fr joining us, Jan. I follow trucks like that hoping they stop and I can get a picture.

    1. It was a very tall door – probably at least ten feet tall. The Casino used to be a place where the rich and famous hung out and then the island became more accessible for us mere mortals!

  2. That island sure looks like a sweet place, JT. Great doors!
    I’m sure something will fall off a truck one day. That will be your truck lucky day!
    Take care!

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