Return of the Drimia Maritima

Almost two years ago, this strange plant arose in the garden. We’d just had freakish lightning storms in the Bay Area which produced little rain but caused hundreds of wildfires. And, I just gotten word that my mother was dying.

August 2020

At first I couldn’t imagine where it came from. Outer space? Then I remembered that years earlier, when Mother lived with us, my husband came home from the hardware store with a bulb that he’d proudly paid fifteen dollars for. He didn’t know what it was or how to grow it, of course, but had been intrigued by the size. Mother turned to me and said: ” Well, they saw him coming.” He planted it in the backyard and forgot about it. But Mother didn’t. It went on her list of reasons why he should never shop alone.

The stalk grew and grew until it blossomed magnificently and I had to quit calling it the “Penis Plant.”

Last year the foliage emerged but no blossoms.

August 2021 Foliage only.

The foliage stayed green for a couple of months and then died just before Christmas.

I didn’t know what to expect this year but, sure enough, after an unusual lightning storm hit this area, look who showed up again.

July 31, 2022 – this time with a child?
Mother and baby?

It was wonderful to wake up to the sound of rain. Wonderful to go into the backyard to see this unusual plant arise again. Now I just have to resist the urge to read the news.

17 thoughts on “Return of the Drimia Maritima

  1. I LOVED hearing about the return of your weird plant, Jan, I remember it from earlier posts. Your essay here was really funny with how the bulb came into your life, your husband, and your mother. Those first two paragraphs are wonderful. You have an excellent skill with writing real life and its profundities and turning it into humor…. Great photos too. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens.

    1. Thank you Jet. It was strange that the plant took at least three years to emerge and it chose the day after all those frightening lightening storms we had.

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