Time to sleep

Here in California we’ve got storms lined up for at least the rest of the month and so it’s time to hibernate.

Someone’s happy the rain gauge is full!

So far we’re okay but many streets in our small town are blocked by mudslides and creeks are overflowing. In other parts of the San Francisco Bay Area, trees are down, wharves have been washed away and coastal areas are flooded.

Still haven’t put away the Christmas tree, such that it is.

Yes, this is supposed to be a cat! Looks more like a bear cub, doesn’t it?

I’m still attempting to draw on those days when walking around is too painful. This poor little kitty also has a sore leg. I’m with you, Stormy, hanging on for dear life.

I rarely showcase other bloggers because you’re all wonderful but I did particularly enjoy Snow’s photos from Finland where they know how to enjoy the winter. Boy could I go for a sauna today!

34 thoughts on “Time to sleep

  1. Hi Jt. I like the cat/brea cub’s cuteness and that holiday tree is original and rather wonderful
    oh and hope the storms do not bring too much more damage – blah

    1. I’ve given away most of my Christmas decorations and only saved a few special ornaments so the tree is the perfect size! There’s a lot of clean up going on today (kind of a lull in the storms) – luckily no need for us to hit the roads.

  2. Thank you for doing that rare link-up! I’m quite content to be working from home these days: today the snow is turning into icy slush puddles and it’s very slippery. If it freezes again, everything will be ice! What about your leg, hope it’s nothing serious? Great Christmas tree, by the way!

  3. Love your Christmas tree. Those ornaments are delightful.
    I’ve been watching all the news about your stormy weather. We’ve also had days and days of rain, but nothing like what’s happening in your part of the world. Take good care of yourself.

    1. Thanks Hugh. Yesterday was thunder and lightening and hail! Quite unusual for this area. For the most part, being Californians, we are grateful for the rain.

  4. Sorry for the storms. They will pass. Eventually.
    The drawing is nice. It does look like a bear cub. Try making the ears pointy rather than round… (Reminded me of a discussion I had with a creative director ages ago. Same issue: the ears… 😉) Or leave it as a little bear.
    Still having trouble with your leg? Time will take care of that.
    Happy New Year

      1. Animals can be hard. Horses are the worst. 😉
        Hmmm. PT should not be painful, whatever the age. Maybe you need to adjust down a bit? I know there are some exercises I refuse to do. 😉

  5. I’m glad to hear you’re hunkered down and healing during these stormy times, Jan. I think your drawing is great. Yes, I did think it was a bear cub at first, but it’s certainly better than my stick figures. And what a great time for practicing drawing while you’re laid up. Hang in there.

  6. I keep seeing photos and videos from California and it is unsettling to see. More so to live with, I’d guess. I loved Snows photos, too. Glad you mentioned them here.

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