ET Phone Home #Thursdaydoors

I haven’t participated in Dan Anton’s #ThursdayDoors challenge for quite a while now because I haven’t been anywhere except a medical building about five miles from my house that is quite nondescript. But the other morning I woke to this strange reflection on the closet door. Was I being visited by an extraterrestrial do you think?

32 thoughts on “ET Phone Home #Thursdaydoors

  1. Hi Jan,

    What a coincidence that you have chosen to showcase light. I’ve been obsessed with light all day. How the mind can become untethered and float away on light. So I wrote about it. They say all life is connected to a star. Who knows, soon you will be running hundred yard dashes and defeating men of stature, powered by something that has always been unknown. Welcome to our world, once again. Duke

  2. Love it! And I enjoy a healthy dose of the unexplainable…and I think your image qualifies. It looks like it was in motion, too? Hello, lovely light being! 😎

  3. I am a shadow chaser, too, Jan, always wondering what the different shapes are that dance around me. This one looks like jellyfish to me, but I’m guessing it might have been the sun outside reflecting a puddle. Fun. Cheers to you in your continuing recovery.

  4. SHOOT IT! (Someday perhaps you will look back at this post and wonder why I would possibly say such a thing, so let me remind future you that we are in the process of shooting down UFOs, spurred by the Chinese spy ‘weather’ balloon.)

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