I dare you not to smile

I have to admit that I’ve been depressed lately. Nothing personal. Just the general state of the world. So when a lovely lady I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for many years posted this video of the students at her middle school (I believe she is the vice principal), my hope level went through the roof.

I hope these kids know how lucky they are! My junior high school days were more like prison. Enjoy! And I dare you not to smile.

16 thoughts on “I dare you not to smile

  1. Well, this is interesting. I sent you an email, just right now that discusses depression and how, in my opinion, it kills more people than cancer. I got into it with a psychiatrist and I finally convinced him. Such are the powers of the mind over the internet. Yes, I liked the video and I am always happy to watch the young and the old dance. Even during these often undanceable times. Good beat, but bad lyrics. Duke

    1. I agree – it’s so easy to fall into depression and so hard to climb out. It’s good to see teachers cutting it up with the kids. My junior high school teachers – for the most part -were so rigid. I thought a few of them actually hated kids and teaching.

  2. What a great video, Jan, it really did make me smile. You must try not to let things that are outside your control impact you to much. I try to make a small difference within my own world where I control things to a certain extent and that makes me happy.

  3. This is great. My middle school experience was nothing like this. Makes me wonder how I survived the tedium of it as well as I did. You mentioned your teachers being rigid, so were mine. They were obsessed with making us sit still and being proper little adults.

    1. Boredom is the worst thing that can happen to kids that age and yet I remember the hours just dragging in junior high. High school got a little better.

    1. My friend is a very talented lady who was actually in her university’s marching band! I’m sure that was probably part of the inspiration.

      1. Compliments to your friend. 👏🏻
        (It shows school should not be a calvary… Glad I never went to school until, precisely, Senior High.) (Shock!!!!)

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