Mystery Door #ThursdayDoors

On a recent walk through the park near my house I was pleased to note that the Starlight Players are preparing for their Summer Season. Although it is an outdoor only event, the last couple of years can’t have been easy for this group. If it wasn’t the pandemic, it was the smoke from all those fires.

Who knows where this door will lead? To Mrs. White’s kitchen where she’s busy spiking Colonel Mustard’s tea with arsenic? Or perhaps the boudoir of the sexy but devilish Deanna Del Doorbell, Duchess of Dimwoodie?

What about this one? Perhaps it will a window through which the audience can glimpse the sloops of the Alps as passengers on a disabled train plot revenge on an evil baby killer. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Below are stage doors in progress from 2016, arguably the last decent summer for outdoor theater we’ve had. The play they eventually put on was Death on the Nile. I saw it with my buddy Jude and we ate popcorn and had a blast.

This image is from Bing Images – the players respectfully ask the audience not to film their productions and I complied.

To see other doors from around the world check out Dan Anton’s place.

10 thoughts on “Mystery Door #ThursdayDoors

  1. Outdoor theatres are so cool.
    I hope this one has a good season. Are they performing this year?
    Love”Death on the Nile”!

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