Former psychoanalyst Fiona FacebookProfileButters grabbles with the strange disappearance of four girls from a notorious reformatory in eastern Nevada. The year is 1978, a particularly paranoid time in a state where conspiracy theories roll across the barren deserts like tumbleweeds, propelled by isolationism and a deep distrust of the government.  Fiona, who is also the narrator, is a self-effacing brainiac in her early thirties.  A lover of quizzical oddities in both the natural and supernatural worlds, she was married once and that was enough.  None-the-less, she faces the vicissitudes of life with cocky assuredness, an irreverent attitude, and a bawdy sense of humor.



10 thoughts on “Flipka

  1. This does have some fascinating angles given and makes me very interested, Jan. In the year 1978, there was a huge Blizzard that shut down my college (BGSU). I got married on 7/8/78. It was a great year but this sound like a mystery or thriller. . . . Thank you for sharing this.

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