Voting from the Great Beyond

I haven’t been posting lately because I’ve been trying to finish the latest incarnation of Flipka into which I’ve rolled a sequel. Will the sequel answer many reader questions? I don’t know.  Will it be less wacky than the first of which one reviewer wrote:


The wacky, utterly unbelievable plot is, however, merely the vehicle for JT Twissel to demonstrate her enviable skill set.

All I can say is, I tried. But how can I write “believable” plots set in a state that elects dead pimps to govern? By a landslide, I might add. 


Meet your new legislature Nevada!

Was the other candidate so terrible that the fine citizens of Pahrump are going dig up a corpse and send it to the Nevada legislature?


According to this tweet, Dennis Hof, who wrote The Art of the Pimp and was known as the Trump of Pahrump, is going to vote from the “great beyond.”

I know Republicans in Nevada got massacred tonight, but my man Dennis Hof crushed his opponent from the great beyond in AD-36 & we crushed the anti-brothel initiative in Lyon County by about 80%. So pardon me, but I’m celebrating.

Fictional whores celebrating their dead pimp’s glorious victory!

I know those tea party folks have a few wacky ideas, like believing that Donald Trump is the second coming of Jesus Christ, but do they really think the Nevada legislature is going to allow a ghost to vote?  And, how am I going to fit this twist into one of the unbelievable plots of which I am so enviably skilled?


18 thoughts on “Voting from the Great Beyond

  1. Sequel is a good thing 🙂 Agree with the phrase “enviable skill set” 🙂
    As you know I can read Russian, and I do. Russian politicians are certain that America is done. They say that a civil war is inevitable, and after that whatever is left can be taken with a bare hand. This is what scares me most. And I am not joking. I do my research as I have a family in the US and care.

    1. I didn’t know you spoke Russian. From what I’ve heard, it’s not that easy a language to learn. I’m sure there will be some nastiness but it’s hard to imagine a civil war. Trump won the mostly rural and/or undereducated voters. Also, most of the current military leadership thinks he’s incompetent (to put it nicely)

  2. OK, I’m laughing here. I dunno about ghosts voting, but if there’s a way to weave one into your wacky plot, you’ll do it. Heck, if Nevada can elect a dead man, you can do anything you set your mind, and your enviable skill set, to.

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