Merry Maple Leaves

Here we go again. The Christmas fandango; a month of planning for the perfect holiday fully aware that swimming the English Channel in a hailstorm would be an easier miracle to pull off.  So it’s no wonder that a certain grimness hangs overhead this time of year for everyone but the very young, and every tragedy seems so much worse.

This year’s tragedy was the slaughter of the Sufis. I’ve known Sufis. They’re  peaceful. They follow the teachings of all the prophets. They don’t proselytize.

But it’s the holidays and so we light the cinnamon candle and make Christmas lists.  Should we send cards this year or should we go paperless like our eco-friendly friends and send mass Happy Holidays emails?  No that’s too impersonal. Sorry trees.

Whenever I feel grim about the mouth I take a page from Moby Dick and embark on a voyage.

I generally don’t need to go far, just round the block and over the hill and back to the colors in my own backyard.

How do you handle holiday blues?  Or maybe you don’t get them.