#ThursdayDoors: Swami’s Beach


These are the “doors” to Swami’s Beach, an international surf spot near my daughter’s house in Southern California.  Beyond these doors is this view:


It was cloudy the day we were there so I didn’t get the best shots of the sunset. The beach is named after Swami Paramahansa Yogananda whose ashram (the Self-Realization Fellowship) sits on a cliff high above.


From Wikipedia – nice digs, hey?

There’s also a funky cafe serving only organic, sugar-free, gluten- free, non-GMO, locally grown, lacto-ovo-vegetarian meals. To my husband’s undisguised glee, we’ve never been able to get a table at Swami’s.

In my clamorous youth I dreamt of achieving inner peace but – unable to afford self-actualization classes, a personalized chant, or weekends at a retreat (like the one above) – I had to settle with sitting Indian-style on the basement floor and murmuring “Omm” while fingering chant beads which were actually lug nuts strung together by my fellow impoverished seekers of the light and truth. I guess that’s why my sense of inner peace is often rusty.

th-3 This bit of silliness was inspired by Norm Frampton’s always entertaining and educational #ThursdayDoors event.  Have you ever tried to accomplish inner peace on the cheap with rusty lug nuts?