#ThursdayDoors: Swami’s Beach


These are the “doors” to Swami’s Beach, an international surf spot near my daughter’s house in Southern California.  Beyond these doors is this view:


It was cloudy the day we were there so I didn’t get the best shots of the sunset. The beach is named after Swami Paramahansa Yogananda whose ashram (the Self-Realization Fellowship) sits on a cliff high above.


From Wikipedia – nice digs, hey?

There’s also a funky cafe serving only organic, sugar-free, gluten- free, non-GMO, locally grown, lacto-ovo-vegetarian meals. To my husband’s undisguised glee, we’ve never been able to get a table at Swami’s.

In my clamorous youth I dreamt of achieving inner peace but – unable to afford self-actualization classes, a personalized chant, or weekends at a retreat (like the one above) – I had to settle with sitting Indian-style on the basement floor and murmuring “Omm” while fingering chant beads which were actually lug nuts strung together by my fellow impoverished seekers of the light and truth. I guess that’s why my sense of inner peace is often rusty.

th-3 This bit of silliness was inspired by Norm Frampton’s always entertaining and educational #ThursdayDoors event.  Have you ever tried to accomplish inner peace on the cheap with rusty lug nuts?


29 thoughts on “#ThursdayDoors: Swami’s Beach

  1. You know Jan, I’ve often tried to achieve an inner peace, but I have way to many warring factions doing battle upstairs in my brain. Fortunately, my wife has this way of invading my thought process that seems to interrupt my train of thought, thus causing it to derail off the tracks. Also, instead of sitting cross-legged on a floor—which these day’s I find very hard to do—and humming a mantra, I have this place on a hill where I walk and release my mind from all thought. My wife has suggested that that should come easier to me anyway, since I seem to make a practice of it. I try not to find any deeper meaning in that, as it always hurts my head. 😀

    1. I agree with you – finding a place to walk to and just empty your mind is more comforting than trying to follow the current trend towards nirvana!

  2. I suppose I’m lucky that I went the Zen path which only required a floor and a blank wall to look at. I can use a pillow, too, if I want (because it’s my party, and I’ll do zazen as I want). 🙂

    And as a vegan, I would look forward to going to Swami’s.

  3. I love the view beyond those, ahem…doors Jan 😉
    You can stretch the rules from time to time, but next week we’re going to need to see something that swings shut okay? 😀

    1. Rats! Busted! I knew you’d have to lower the boom on me someday!! Okay – I’ll try to play by the rules – just for you!

      1. Rules Shmules! 🙂 Rusty lug nuts will always lead to non-conformity. Gates swing shut, right? 😉

  4. Jan, I was well on the way to achieving inner peace on the cheap – inspired by your efforts – when I was hijacked by your great plug for my book. Bang went tranquility and in came elation.

  5. Love this: “To my husband’s undisguised glee, we’ve never been able to get a table at Swami’s.” We are married to the same man.

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