Music Tuesday Debut: Guest Post by JT Twissel–The World’s Worst Folksingers

Here is a post I wrote for Mary Rowan whose first two novels deal with (amongst other things) the effect music has on our lives.

Today is the first day of a new blog series called MUSIC TUESDAY. If you’re familiar with my books LIVING BY EAR and LEAVING THE BEACH, you know they both have strong music themes, although they’re very different stories. 

I’m excited to have the wonderful author JT Twissel begin the series with her post, THE WORLD’S WORST FOLKSINGERS. So, without further ado, he-e-e-e-rs Jan! 



This post is going to age me somewhat but here goes.  My father refused to buy what he called a “boob tube” until I was almost fourteen.  Instead, our entertainment on cold snowy days consisted of listening to classical music, or show tunes, or the irreverent  monologues of comedian Bob Newhart,* who we’d seen many times performing in either Reno or Lake Tahoe.  (I was raised in Reno, Nevada).

My father had extensive knowledge of the Classics as well as Greek and Norse mythology…

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