#ThursdayDoors China Camp

Here is my contribution to Norm 2.0’s #ThursdayDoors event:


From  China Camp where in the 1800s, a group of fisherman pulled shrimp from the marshes along the San Pablo Bay, dried them, and shipped them off to China in boxes like this:


Here are some more pictures of China Camp:


The cabin


The Dock

Sadly the fishermen were forced out of business in the early 1900s and so now it is a portal to the past and a popular picnic spot.


Art left on a picnic table at China Camp

18 thoughts on “#ThursdayDoors China Camp

    1. Sad about the fishermen and their families. But luckily the state has preserved that site – it’s the only surviving Chinese shrimp fishing village in the US. Or so I’m told ; )

  1. Jan – You can count on me as a follower because of your terrific writing, both witty and soulful. I love learning about your history, adventures, and general outlook on life.

    Thursday Doors, an interesting theme. (I especially like the artwork on the table.) Thanks to you I went to Norm 2.0’s site, saw some beautiful doors, and even got to listen to Pavarotti singing Nessun Dorma.

    Keep it up!

    1. Thank you Labels! The artwork was created by piles of sand and pebbles and so probably won’t last forever but I did think it was very clever!

  2. I love these pictures. I was born and raised in the Bay Area (San Jose) but have never been to China Camp. Perhaps one day I will make it there. Thank you for this peek!

    1. It’s near San Rafael – off the 2nd Street exit. There’s a loop road that runs through the park and back to 101. I didn’t post pictures of the cabins the fishermen’s families lived in as they are currently being restored and we couldn’t get close. Also they’re working to repair the original sampans (is that right word?) the fishermen used. Probably will be a tourist trap eventually! Nice to meet you! Jan

  3. Great post, Jan. I’ve been to China Camp, and you did a great job of capturing the eerie essence of it. The gold rush changed the face of California in so many tangential ways.

    1. We try to take one of those Sunday Drives they post in the SF Tribune every month – Lots of nooks and crannies I knew nothing about too!

  4. There is something quite magical about doors, isn’t there, Jan? This magnificent portal asking the question, “Aren’t you curious as to what’s on the other side?”
    The stories and possibilities are endless.
    And now I’m wiling away the moments daydreaming about life as one who lived within this camp …

    1. It was probably a difficult life but at least they had beautiful vistas to look out upon and for a while, their independence. Yes, doors are fascinating things – I’m thinking redoing ours – it’s kind of bland!

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