The Aussie Salute

Update from my zany friend Carol on her horse trek in the outback.

September 25, 2015

Left Woodlands camp this a.m. Into Norseman for fuel and food and water. Norseman is very small town named for a horse that reputedly discovered gold.

th-3{Note from Jan: That must have been a mighty smart horse! I googled Norseman – according to Wikipedia, the town of Norseman was founded in August 1894 by Lawrence Sinclair, his brother George Sinclair, and Jack Alsopp who discovered a rich gold reef and named it after a horse named Hardy Norseman.}  

It felt weird being out of the woods.  Faucet, flush toilet, paper towels all seemed wildly extravagant. But I sure enjoyed the grocery store.

th-1Woodlands was our harshest camp site. Hot hot hot  w flies that never stop harassing u.  Many species of ants that bite. One poison deadly snake that did not bother us.

You have to wear a veil to keep the flies off ur face.

hatswcorksAussie insect repellant.

{Google Note: A search for “Australian flies” brought up “Aussie Salute.” The bush fly in Australia (Musca vetustissima) is attracted to bodily fluids such as sweat, nasal mucus, saliva, blood and eyes. The Aussie Salute is actually a swat. If you don’t know how to do it correctly you must wear either a hat with corks dangling from the rim or a veil or the flies won’t stop pestering you.  Of course, the wine helps too.}

We split off from Diane and r heading south to Esperance. Spending tonight in a caravan park in Salmon Gums. Took a shower! Ahhh. 

{Google Note;  Salmon Gums is a grove of eucalyptus trees whose bark is salmon colored. I have no idea if Diane is a person or place.}  

Still I regret leaving the woods and G says no more wilderness camps. Probably. Looking forward to seeing  the coast. Hope to swim.

Note from Jan:  The G she refers to is a horse woman in her eighties. So far Carol’s trip is not tempting me to camp in the outback!  How about you?  Getting tempted?

7 thoughts on “The Aussie Salute

  1. Tempted? Oh, yeah–despite the wrathful pests. But I’m definitely going to be making myself an Aussie Salute hat. Hell, I can make myself an entire outfit with all the leftover corks I’ve collected. That’ll be attractive while I’m out hiking in the woods. Good grief.

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