#ThursdayDoors – Brooklyn Bridge


Arches of the Brooklyn Bridge – doors to Manhattan

Here’s my addition to Norm Frampton’s always fascinating  #ThursdayDoors challenge.  Check out other doors here 

You would think on a Monday afternoon in October this bridge would be an enjoyable walk. Unfortunately it was packed with tourists. The worst part (and I’ll probably get in hot water for saying this) were the bicyclists in a hurry to get somewhere.  Especially if some poor unsuspecting tourist from Slovenia inadvertently stepped into their sacred space to get a picture.

IMG_0847I thought this building was very interesting considering the current debate over illegal immigrants.  Harkens back to the time when we welcomed the poor and needy.

27 thoughts on “#ThursdayDoors – Brooklyn Bridge

  1. Pedestrians should respect the bikers’ lane, and bikers should be careful and considerate re the pedestrian overflow. (The problem arises because the number of pedestrians far exceeds what the “experts” have allowed for, right?)

    1. Bicyclists should not be attempting to sent speed records on a bridge full of tourists – it’s dangerous. Nor should they be calling foreign visitors “assholes” and worst. It’s just bad behavior.

  2. I love the doors to Manhattan! I have been across on foot and by bike. I was nicer to the pedestrians when I rode across because I had been in their shoes. Of course, when I was on my bike, I wasn’t going fast enough either. Lovely photo Jan.

    1. It’s a beautiful walk and we had such a lovely day! There were many very considerate bicyclists having a good time and most of the tourists stayed in the pedestrian lane. Just takes a few.

  3. Nice one Jan, but I’m afraid to say I almost missed it today – sorry about that. By the way, don’t forget to add your link to the list with the link-up tool.

  4. Nice spin on the theme. I’m sorry you were accosted like that. People really need to grow some manners. Cyclists around here are often aggressive as well. They fight for the right to be treated as traffic on the road, but then all too often ride on the sidewalk and flout the rules. It’s not safe, for anyone, but really they can be a menace to drivers and pedestrians alike, which means something’s not right.

  5. Beautiful photos, Jan, and i love the commentary, both on the bikers and immigration. Here in the Boston area, we’ve got so many bicyclists, and although some are cool and law-abiding and all that, some are complete a**holes. We live near a “rail trail” (old railway converted to a pedestrian/bike trail) and almost anyone who ventures out there on a nice weekend day is risking their life. I’m not sure what happens to a biker’s brain when they get up on that seat, but it seems as though some forget they have brakes on those things. I like jogging or walking the dog out there (and used to push the kids when they were little) but it astounds me to see these grownups–usually men–decked out like they’re in the Olympics, bombing past people as if their vehicles have no way of stopping, so LOOK THE HELL OUT!!! Certainly they don’t drive cars that way, and I don’t think they’re drunk or on drugs. Are they all so frustrated with life that they just have to let loose someplace and blast through whatever’s in front of them?? Phew, OK, enough ranting. But I’m on your side about the d-bag bikers. The respectful ones are lovely and quite welcome.

  6. Thanks Mary. There have actually been pedestrians killed by Lance Armstrong wannabees in San Francisco. Maybe that need for speed does mess with their minds!

  7. Lovely photograph – I walked the bridge as a tourist too, but had no accidents. I agree with you that it is not exactly a speed track. If there is no barrier you cannot expect people not to step over the marked area.

    1. Thanks! Many families decided to stop and take pictures making it necessary to go into the bike lane to get around them. But it’s a tourist spot so that is to be expected!

  8. If you can believe it, the bicyclists in SF are pushing really hard to get a law passed so that they don’t have to stop at stop signs anymore. yikes. lovely photo of the bridge “doors” Jan.

      1. I had my heart set on a genuine NY Deli Ruben which wasn’t that easy to find! Finally found a pub in Tribeca.

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