Hugh’s Photo Challenge – Pairs

The post is in response to Hugh’s photo challenge. Check it out. IMG_2333These two sit together every afternoon and watch the sun go down, the leaves change colors, and the wind knock over the umbrella but they never met (as far as I know). One was a professional model (can you guess which one?)

Some background: Like many writers, I’m also an artist.  When my children were small I decided having oil painting equipment sitting around, specifically turpentine, was not good for them so I switched to something I’d always wanted to try – sculpture.

Sculpting is a lot like writing.  First you manhandle a blob until it vaguely resembles a human.  Then you begin the unending process of adding and removing clay, in the same way as writers remove and add words.

19 thoughts on “Hugh’s Photo Challenge – Pairs

  1. I’d say the lady was the professional model. They make a very classy pair for my photo challenge, Jan. You are a lady of many talents. Not only a great writer but now a great sculptor as well. Impressive stuff. 🙂

    1. You’re very kind. The gentleman was a retired Chinese doctor who didn’t speak english. My sculpture teacher ran into him in the park and asked him (through his son) if he’d model. He was thrilled. After he passed away, his son came to our class and told us how he talked about the “great honor” all the time! Made us all cry.

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