Just Like in the Movies

A piece from Duke Miller which I simply had to share.

tin hats

We are born and die ignorant.  There is always something beyond our knowing and surety is the mark of pride and dissolution.  How foolish we are as the world sprouts question marks beneath our feet.

Last night something happened to me that was a small insight into my ignorance.  It was like finding a 1925 quarter stuck behind a door frame by a kind man who understood the future.  It was like hearing why my black neighbor never spoke to me (her daughter had been killed by a white man) and how Nuria looked down upon me from a washed out photo and I knew she was gone, yet I could feel her in the room.

These are pricked emotions that allow me a different understanding about the four walls of my life.

As to my new revelation, I stumbled into it with my dogs and I will never be…

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2 thoughts on “Just Like in the Movies

  1. Thanks for sharing, Jan. Wow. I also wanted to tell you that I haven’t yet read the final chapters of your “Winos” story. I’ve been sick with a killer cold and have been falling behind on just about everything. But I’m starting to feel better and am looking forward to reading more and finding out what happens. It’s a terrific story.

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