5 thoughts on “Tell Everyone You Know!

  1. This was very nice to share this blog. I admire Danny Thomas and his project he started, I have donated to St Jude’s Hospital before.
    I am concerned that there are people working on this national health care who think Medicaid is an “entitlement.” 🙂 I am a little uninformed as to how this would effect nursing homes. . . Elderly and children (babies) need for us to protect their rights and security. 💞

    1. Foster children are covered by Medicaid. They are removed from abusive households and put in foster care and their medical, psychological and dental care is covered by Medicaid. It’s not really an entitlement program for them, is it? Elderly and easily conned people who’ve been defrauded out of their savings end up on Medicaid. Entitlement? I don’t think so. Not when the Trump WH is increasingly scrapping regulations.

      1. I hope I expressed dismay at such horrible decisions! It is not “entitlement.”
        I was upset about Trump retracting the ability for trans-gender to become military servicemen. He tweets decisions without consequences!
        Thank you, Jan for explaining about foster children, too. I would think a society who cannot take care of the “least of these” is not worth respecting. I cringe at least once a day! So sad. . . .

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