April is the cruelest month

The first year I lived in Northern California it rained all winter and far into spring. I was a young mother in a new neighborhood. The neighbors were nice enough but I had little in common with them. The rain often came down in torrents, turning the road in front of the house into a river. I prayed for the rain to go away but it just kept falling. Gradually the sun came out and I ventured from the house, met like-minded people and went back to school. But I can still remember those long and lonely days of April.

Decades later … it’s early April with only the possibility of light rain showers in the future. We need rain. However, given the fact that fire season will soon be upon us, it’s silly to stay inside when the air is clean and pure.

The mural being painted on the side of our library. So far, I’m not seeing the vision, are you?

When I lived in Europe (1970), Johnny Hallyday was a like a god to the French. You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing his face on a magazine cover or hearing one of his songs being played. But I knew nothing about the man himself.

So the other day while waiting for the AAA guy (gremlins broke into my car while I was sleeping, turned on the overhead light and played cards, or some such nonsense, and completely ran down the battery!) I watched the Netlix series on him. Holy Cow, if you want to know what it’s like to spend most of your life being treated like a god, every personal moment photographed and talked about, watch this series. Ugh. It was such a grim slog through countless interviews with an obviously troubled soul that I almost gave up. But I’m glad I watched to the end because, finally, finally, he did start to feel comfortable in his own skin.

April 15th: I’m happy to report that we did get rain with more on the way. But I’m a long way from ever praying for the sun again.

29 thoughts on “April is the cruelest month

  1. Love the shot of the view (with the hummingbird feeder) and the rose. I’ve heard of Johnny Hallyday too but know absolutely nothing about him. Interesting that Netflix has something about him. Glad you got some rain. We could use some again but nothing in the forecast, which isn’t unusual. 🙂


    1. I was just reading about the fires in New Mexico – yikes! I hope you get some rain soon. The hummingbird feeder is hanging in the tree I thought had died. I was quite happy to see it come to live.

  2. We’re having rain every other day here in Maine. Our lawn is a swamp, but we’re still in the 40’s and low 50’s so nothing blooming yet. The mural looks interesting. Be sure and share the finished product.

    1. We generally have a couple of weeks of springlike weather in January and February, Everything blooms and then we go back to winter. I’ve learned not to attempt to plant anything until May!

  3. Here in England it rains so much we can never work out how in the middle of summer which is very erratic , we get a drought and a hose pipe ban!
    I am glad you survived your early days in N.C. it’s hard being a young mum trapped indoors!
    I remember my sister loving Johnny Hallyday, he was not over big here but she worked on the continent a lot in those days. I am glad you have rain now as you need it. 💜💜

    1. He was actually a pretty good singer but he was always trying to be someone else. Of course the French claim everyone else was trying to be him. Last time I was in England (October) it was hot and then turned very cold. What fell from the sky was hail, not rain!

  4. It rains, the sunshines, it rains again, then the same thing happens the next hour. Spring is a trickster. I’d love to know more about your card-playing gremlins. They sound intriguing.

  5. As I enjoy your post on this Saturday morning in April in Northern California, it is raining. A wonderfully glorious thing for us folks who are haunted by drought. I, too, remember loads of rainy days decades back in this very region. I imagine you are celebrating the falling rain right now, Jan, as am I. I hope you are also celebrating what a great writer you are. I really enjoyed your words and photos here, thank you.

    1. We used to get a few years of flood and then a few years of drought but the last twenty years there have been many more years of drought. Longer and longer fire seasons…

  6. Over the weekend my neighbor and I talked about the “old days” when we’d pray for the rain to stop! Now we pray for it to start up again and drench us like it used to!

  7. I don’t see the mural, yet.
    I’m hoping you will post the final result!
    I also hope you get more rain, and no fires.
    Cripes, I wish I could send some of our rain.
    Take care! – Resa

    1. It’s been raining and so work on the mural has slowed. Generally the rains stop in May but … we have been having a peculiar year so who knows. When I lived in the mountains it wasn’t uncommon to get snow in July.

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