Welcome To The Apocalypse

An interesting perspective of our current predicament.

The Apocalypse Tribune

The Ides of March seem as good a time as any to start this. Known by most as the date of Caesar’s assassination in 44 BC, the Ides Of March was also regarded by the Romans as the date of settling debts. In a society where collective and individual debt is rampant, it seems appropriate the way of life most Americans have grown accustomed to in the past 70+ years appears to be, if not coming to an end, at least entering a period of extreme disruption and inconvenience.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is here, it’s deadly, and with no human immunity developed against it, it has the potential to spread and wreak havoc on a scale incomprehensible to far too many people. There is no shortage of data, models, graphs, charts, or information on what this virus is and what type of potential it has. Not to mention recent evidence…

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4 thoughts on “Welcome To The Apocalypse

  1. Thank you for sharing, Jan. Although I do hope people actually practice social distancing now and we’re able to flatten the curve sooner, rather than later. I understand what the author means when he says we may have to lose some loved ones before we change our ways, but it seems certain that this “news cycle” isn’t going to end anytime soon. We’re in it for the long haul, and it’d be great if we don’t need to lose too many…stay well, xo

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