Whatcha gonna do stew

As I have mentioned, my husband collects cookbooks. In fact, he owns every cookbook ever published by Cook’s Illustrated. If you have the time and patience (and can afford the often hard to find and expensive ingredients), I must admit most of recipes they publish are foolproof.

However this is his favorite cookbook:

With recipes from all the greatest cowboys and gals (at least in film)

By the time we were allowed to get a television, cowboy shows were a thing of the past but Joel grew up on them. This cookbook contains not only recipes but pictures of the old stars and tidbits about the television shows, movies, and songs from that era. So I can understand why he’s so fond of it.

How many stars can you match to their cowboy roles? I got 2 – Paladin and Davy Crockett

Many of the recipes were written with a snide dig at other cookbooks:

Does anyone know where Poohawk Territory is? Sigh, my grocery doesn’t sell bogus feathers!

There are even recipes for genuine cowboy cocktails:

And, if you’re having a dinner party, menu ideas (note the vegetarian option)

Note the vegetarian option

However, tonight Joel tells me he’ll be making this dish:

Pretty fancy hey? I’m so happy we spent a fortune on all those gourmet cookbooks!

I’ll let you know how it turns out. One thing I do have an affection for from those days when being a cowboy was every little boy (and some girls) dream. Cowboy songs.

28 thoughts on “Whatcha gonna do stew

    1. We generally don’t eat a lot of meat but every now and then Joel has a hankering. Many of those old westerns are so funny to watch but I’m sure to little boys of that time, they were the cat’s meow, as they say.

  1. Hi Jan,

    Texas and cowboys. Hmm… I’m like the kid born in East Berlin who was a member of the All-Union Leninist Young Communist Movement and when I grew up I began teaching at the Humboldt-University in East Berlin. I fell in love with one of my graduate students. We decided to escape to West Berlin when the Free University of Berlin was opened. We both hated the communists. She was shot at the wall, but I managed to escape. That is the way I feel about Texas. As you know I’m an émigré living in Mexico. Viva Mexico! Nice post. Love. Duke

    1. Thanks Duke. I didn’t grew up in Texas but we sure had a lot of cowboy stars show up for our Admissions Day parade every year. Most of the real cowhands in Nevada did not have white skin and so it was always odd to watch all these scrawny white dudes on their tricked out ponies prance down the street past the casinos. I can remember my little brother saying “those aren’t real cowboys!”

  2. Not sure I can cope with this. I assumed all cowboys lived on were gtits and beans?, not that I have a clue what grits are as, here we put grits in the bottom of burd cages to absorb guano. I suppose if your diet mostly involves beans having something absorbant may be useful.

  3. This is fun. I know who James Arness was and who he played, but that’s it. I shall not stew about my lack of cowboy knowledge though. I remember some of the cowboy songs, more the titles than the tunes.

  4. OMG. I really need to buy that for my husband. Not that he cooks mind you… but he adores all those silly old westerns and clogs up my DVR with endless episodes of Laramie and The Virginian.

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