Stay Home #ThursdayDoors

Following the advice of WHO and in solidarity with the lovely people of Italy, I am in self-quarantine until, of course, we run out of gin.  So today, I’m inviting you to my house ….

Come a little closer; I won’t bite …

This solid wood door was originally a dull shade of beige but then I discovered Beet Bonanza Delight. The Jade plant to the side has endured all sorts of torture, including lack of sun but is still holding on.  Amazing.  The figure greeting you at the door with the ears and the antlers is a reindeer, of course, left over from a Christmas long ago. He actually provides a good place to hang wet garden gloves, tools and umbrellas.

Swinging from the lamp is Guard Toad First Class, Edmond Von Petty.  He has ESP.

If he senses that you have a black heart or want money, his chimes begin to quiver in warning to Greta Gecko who wishes to keep her rank a mystery.

Since you all  have golden hearts and want no money from me (I hope), you may press Greta’s button without fear of being zapped.

Have you brought your card?  Well, there’s always room on the fridge.

Door to my fridge.

Yes, I’m one of those crazy people who tacks everything on her frig.

I also planted an Australian fern right next to the front door because I love ferns.

Unfortunately these ferns can reach 16 feet high and wide. He’s also very affectionate and so watch out as you leave!

Sorry you have to go so soon but I know you have other doors to check out over at Norm’s Place.   Come again.

45 thoughts on “Stay Home #ThursdayDoors

  1. Love your door – sturdy enough for California:) My goodness the Australian fern looks big, and thriving! Am glad I visited today:)

    1. I guess I didn’t read the planting instructions thoroughly. I just thought how lovely to look out the kitchen window and see a fern instead of the driveway! Now the darn things are stretching out on the roof!

  2. Nice assortment of critters.

    Do you have plenty of Lysol and/or Clorox wipes, bleach, sugar, rice, TP and ginger ale? That seems to be the missing items at stores when I ventured out Monday. SMDH.

  3. Your front door is perfect. I love that color. I feel the same way as you do about self-quarantine. I’ll do it until the beer runs out here. One must have priorities.

    1. Luckily many people can work and study from home – back in the other pandemics that wasn’t an option. I think that fact alone should be enough for cautious optimism but people seem to like to panic, don’t they?

  4. Loved the tour! Thanks for inviting us over to visit!

    I do understand the comment about until the gin runs out. Over the years (since the massive power outage in the northeast), I’ve developed a bit of an Armageddon stockroom, and alcohol features highly in my supplies. When I have to resort to drinking liqueurs I’ll know things are getting dire 😉

    1. I was raised in the mountains and so we generally have enough food on hand to last at least a month. My children, on the other hand, have never gotten the message!

  5. That is a lovely door Jan. Thanks for the tour. Hopefully next time it will be safe enough to come in a stay for tea (or gin) – I’ll even bring fresh-baked cookies 😉
    Our provincial government officials are now suggesting that for safety’s sake people like me with weakened systems should do the self-isolation thing too, so we may keep each other company from a distance.

    1. I like that idea! Yum! I’ve had pneumonia twice and so when I found out it was a respiratory flu, I decided not to take a chance. The rains have returned and the cold so it doesn’t feel like that much of an imposition to stay inside!

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