When Mother takes her pills

Today is my mother’s birthday.  She’s 94.  She lives in an assisted living facility although it’s only because she doesn’t like to take her pills. If she doesn’t take them, she gets all foggy.  If she does take them, Lord help the staff. She takes to trying to run the place. What can you do?

Today she was visited by a fellow “prisoner” who confided an urgent desire to escape and Mother alerted the front desk via her emergency button. Mother:  “They came and took her back home and then I looked out the window and there she was trying to get over the speed bumps again.” (I guess she was using a walker) “And I called the front desk and said, ‘whelp, she’s at it again’ and they all thanked me.”  Mother would generally be the first to try to escape but apparently my brother has managed to beguile the ladies at the front desk with his swaggering charm (the men in my family all age well … fuck that) and so Jimbo’s daring escapades keep her entertained.

The Dashing Jimbo in his favorite hat.

She used to live with my husband and me but we are very boring and we live at least a four hour drive from her beloved son who is always innovating, creating, partying, and exercising.  She lived with him briefly but he doesn’t own a television set and has lately become a vegetarian.  She needed and could afford to live someplace where she could have a television in every room, eat what she wanted, and meet with her friends to plan their little rebellions. Life is meaningless for mother unless there’s something to rebel against.

So, happy birthday Mom and enjoy that coffee ice cream you fought so hard for!

40 thoughts on “When Mother takes her pills

    1. She has been known to take that motto a bit too far, as you might imagine. You don’t want to travel with her…. age has loosened her tongue.

  1. This is a charming look at your mother. A rebel you say? Oh to have that much spunk at her age. I like the photos. Happy Belated Birthday.

    1. She’s much more of a party animal that me. In that sense, I’m more like my father. Happy to sit in the corner and observe but not participate.

  2. Am chuckling, it must be a riot to have a mother like this:) But then where would I be, nothing to rebel against, lol. Wish her a happy birthday from your blogger friends. By the way you have a knack for writing, do you know that?

      1. Hate to bring this up, but maybe you have a little of her feistiness? (or however you would describe her)?

    1. Luckily my grandmother was very sentimental and kept all her children’s photos and records. Mother certainly didn’t do that! Skips a generation, I guess, is more true than not.

  3. Hahaha – your humor is fun
    And laughing at the escapes
    My FIL is in a place
    And he has not yet tried to escape – one time he had someone –
    A different inmate – I mean client – accidentally take a nap In his bed after lunch –
    It all Worked Out – he was just in the wrong floor – lol

  4. Happy birthday to your Mum. She sounds like quite a character and I love all the photos. My Mum turned 92 the other day and they allowed me to visit – first time in a couple of months. I hope your Mum coped with lock down better than mine but now we are allowed weekly 1 hour visits mine is fine.

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