Perhaps the last rosebud

September 21: As Americans wait to find out which bimbo cutie-pie judge gets tapped by our nitwit king to flounce her golden locks and confirm how pro-life she is to all those traitorous hypocrites who’d eat their own mothers to stay in office, I continue to watch this quirky plant blossom towards its tip.  

I guess I was expecting (hoping for) some kind of showy explosion at the end but there are still a few buds that refuse to blossom. Perhaps it’s the smoke still lingering.  Or  perhaps, for this particular plant, it’s not the destination but the journey that matters.  After all, it started out looking like a penis.

On this muggy, smoky day, I anxiously searched for important papers while pondering how the documents we can’t live without … the certificates, the licenses, the brokerage statement, the records, the photos, photos and more photos … are, in the end, the anchors we shed.  The only truly happy people are those without the anchors. Of course, I’m assuming one doesn’t need a certificate to be a Tibetan monk. But I’m probably wrong.

September 24

Below is perhaps the last rosebud.  Although here in California it is still hot and will be on and off for at least the next ten days.  So like the Tibetan monk thing I could be dead wrong.

Update September 27: Okay, I was wrong. Trump went against type. He selected the mother of seven, including two adopted African American kids. An attractive woman but hardly a bimbo. I watched just a few minutes of her “acceptance speech” during which she talked about how much she enjoyed being an an active participant in her children’s lives. Including driving car pools. When I organized car pools for brownies, soccer, field trips, etc., it was virtually impossible to recruit a mother with a high profile job to help out but … I guess things have changed (yeah right, wink, wink). My first thought was, if your life’s so wonderful then why are you uprooting those children you love so much and moving them to a viper’s nest like Washington DC where you will be considered by many as a justice whose legitimacy is tainted? I just don’t understand it.

And … I’m almost positive that Supreme Court Justices aren’t allowed to drive carpools.

Meanwhile the rose continues to unfold but my Red Squill is now just a stalk covered with spent blooms … except for these strange pods.

What do you think they’re planning to do?

33 thoughts on “Perhaps the last rosebud

  1. Daniel Wilson, who wrote a great two novel story, Robopacalypse, wrote a followup Andromeda Evolution to Crighton’s Andromeda Strain. Squill Pods are simply seeds from the 50 year old virus Michael infected us with. Breathe deep, Join the Right as they take over the world. There is no escape. The end is near. The party’s over. Democracy is dead.

  2. I assume those are the plant’s testicles – plesticles anyone? – and will do what testicles do – get accidentally booted and cause your plant to bend double. As for the rest…. meah.

  3. Made me laugh with this one. The hypocrisy of this soon-to-be [?] new Supreme Court Judge is a delight to watch. How will her precious children adapt to the wickedness that is D.C.? Will she write her briefs while she drives carpool? So many questions I need answered. 😉

    1. Thanks Roberta – we have freedom of speech now but there are those in power who would love to take it away. I’m afraid a lot of Americans do not understand the need to protect this freedom.

    1. Thank you. We live most of our lives worried about losing our wallets (and thus our identities) but then suddenly they’re totally unnecessary. I’m trying
      to settle my mother’s estate – meager though it is. It feels like a noose around my neck – filling out the paperwork, etc. But I don’t want the banks to have it!

      1. Yes – it is worth your time and effort even if just I principle!
        And recently we were talking about cultures that burn the person’s items when they die. Well things to share are distributed but the personal items that nobody wants – journals – favorite clothes – and misc – are burned in a ceremony – I don’t know much about it but it sounds like a meaningful way to “toss the extra”

  4. I just loved this post, Jan. Your humor is definitely unique, and your writing is fantastic, you can set up and lob some real zingers. I just guffawed so loud…and now I’m tittering. Those days around Sept. 27th were so hazardous in the Bay Area, with the smoky air and ashes and the apocalyptic look. And then in Washington with the super-spreader prez business beginning. Loved the plant included in the narrative, and the photos, and then you even knew its name. I looked up red quill on Wikipedia and it can be used medicinally and as a rat poison. My friend, we will get out of this, you just keep writing.

  5. Wow Jan, had no idea you had such talent for writing. About the judge – I think she might be much smarter than many who are interviewing her. Easy to tell there’s a lot of envy towards her, in cutting down her motives and mocking the way she conducts her family life. It’s NONE of anyone’s business!

    1. I’m not watching the hearings. They are a sham. I don’t understand any person of integrity who would accept a position on the court under such circumstances. My worry is that she has an agenda and that agenda is more important than her family. Otherwise I don’t understand any mother putting her family through such an ordeal. I don’t think anyone in their right mind envies her. I certainly don’t.

      1. Jan … everyone has an agenda!! And then, some mothers are not only mothers, but have a career that is very involved – I was one of them. I have no regrets by having a career that took just as much, or sometimes more time than my family. That is really okay in this day and age.

  6. Her written agenda (in many briefs) is to restrict the ability of other women to have the freedoms and opportunities that she has had and that is not okay with me. I regret every moment I had to spend away from my children for my career. But I had no choice. Thus saying, I know many women who manage to balance career and home life beautifully. The difference could be, I’m the sort of person who can’t get through an hour without regretting something!

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