Someone likes the heat but it’s not me

After a moderate start (temperature-wise), August has started to heat up. I shouldn’t complain as the temps will only get into the lower 90s and it’s not supposed to last long but I don’t do well in the heat. However, my strange plant seems to love it.

Sunday, August 14th

The mother plant is now up to my shoulder – approximately five feet tall.

Monday, August 15

Over the weekend they started to bend over as if getting ready to strike.

And then this morning:

Tuesday, August 16th

The first blossoms.

Side view

Update at 4:30: Well, it got to almost 100 miserable degrees here and isn’t cooling down any time soon. Supposedly tomorrow a bit of a cool down but we’ll see!

17 thoughts on “Someone likes the heat but it’s not me

  1. Oh! You may have a “Desert Candle” – related anyway. (Caulanthus sp.) I can’t remember if there are white ones. Do you have iNAturalist on your phone? Now I am curious

    1. It could be – however this plant is now over five feet tall and blooms at the end of the summer – every other year. Others have suggested it’s in the family Drimia. I’ll be posted new pictures soon.

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