Autumn #ThursdayDoors

Believe it or not, this is a screen door. Not just any old screen door but one that is virtually impossible to break into. Plus, can you see the person beyond the steel reinforced screen?

If you’re lucky, once you get beyond this door she’ll show you some of her wonderful quilt work.

Can you see the lighthouse swatch that inspired her design and colors?

She has an amazing quilting room with, what looked like, thousands of swatches and two industrial strength sewing machines that scared the life out of me because I flunked sewing in Home Econ. If I were to write a story ala Stephen King, it would star a demonically possessed Singer Sewing Machine — complete with evil pedals. And the evil thimbles and spools! My friend keeps the devil from her door by creating soft and cuddly quilts and pillow cases for children in foster care. She’s amazing!

If you can convince her to show you her garden, here is the marvelous mural on her back garden wall.

There is a sad story behind this mural. The lady who painted it had just lost a child and my friend had just lost her mother. But together they worked through their grief and this mural is a testimonial to both of them.

The other side of the mural.

And … I came home with some homegrown tomatoes from her garden. A great day. Check out other doors at Dan Anton’s place.

23 thoughts on “Autumn #ThursdayDoors

  1. Nice screen door! I can relate completely to a “demonically possessed Singer Sewing Machine.” Sewing and I do not get along. But, I love what your friend does. Wow, the mural is beautiful and very meaningful. An incredible way to work through their grief but also a way to remember their loved ones. A lovely photo with the flowers to the side. Indeed, a great day, Jan. Thank you for sharing it!

  2. So many stories in this short post, you are a true storyteller, Jan. The quilt is magnificent. I don’t think I have ever seen such a beautiful quilt. The lighthouse and boats, colors and shapes. And the mural is exquisite. A very sad story behind this artist, but oh how incredibly she worked through her grief with this gentle and inviting mural.

  3. Hi Jan, a beautiful door. We have doors like this on our home – South Africa is a dangerous place to live as far as crime goes. Ours are also pretty and decorative. The mural is beautiful. Losing a mother or a child is devastating, but I think a child is worse in that you don’t expect to outlive your children. Hugs.

  4. The door is fab! However, the quilts are quite special and beautiful.
    That mural is lovely. Thank you so much for this post, JT!
    Have a great week ahead!

  5. This is a terrific post, JT. I’ve never seen a door like that. So secure and private, but beautiful too. And the quilts, so pretty. Loved your comment about a horror story with sewing machines, haha – my home ec days produced their own horrors! That mural, too, is beautiful and although it came from sadness, I love how the two friends worked through their grief. Thanks for sharing!

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