My experience with the dreaded poll watchers

I went to drop my ballet in the ballet box yesterday and this group of election deniers, aka poll watchers, was waiting for me.

Luckily, they were too wrapped up in themselves to bother me. I suppose that’s because the ballet box is right outside the police station in my small town. And California is not an open carry state. I guess there’s no fun harassing people if you can’t carry a semi-automatic rifle and look like a scary dude. I sure hope it stays that way.

I honestly don’t know what’s going on in my country. The governor of one state has sent out ads claiming he was chosen by God (isn’t that blasphemy?); senatorial candidates are promising seniors they’ll do away with Social Security and Medicare and they cheer. Some senators are want to cut off aid to Ukraine and leave those poor people to the savagery of Putin’s soldiers.

And yet their races are too close to call. Too close to call? Can you believe it?

Meanwhile the days grow shorter and the cat grows furrier and furrier.

Don’t need the comforter if this guy decides to snuggle in the middle of the night. To all my American friends, I hope any poll watchers you run into are as colorful but harmless as ours.

21 thoughts on “My experience with the dreaded poll watchers

  1. The hypocrisy of ignorant folks who enjoy all the benefits of a social service oriented society—rule-of-law, regulatory agencies, EPA, OSHA, FDA, DEA, FBI, social security, medicaid and medicare, police services, fire departments, air-traffic controllers, Coast Guard, our defense department, national parks and forests, and thousands of other benefits too numerous to name—but decry the very systems that makes all that possible.
    If they only knew.
    But they choose not to know.

  2. I fear for the state of our democracy. Fringe candidates who are frightening as well as completely unqualified might win while science and facts are under attack and not believed. I constantly wonder how the Hell we got here. Thankfully there are no poll watchers in my state, colorful or otherwise.
    Beautiful kitty!!

  3. I mailed in my ballot in early October. My only poll watcher was my husband and he’s really a big pussy cat. What a mess with politics in general, though. I often feel that I am the sane center who is holding this country together, while the wackos try to destroy it.

  4. Hi Jan, I find it all rather frightening. I live in a country where the healthcare, schooling, and other public services are collapsing due to lack of maintenance and theft of funds and it is not a pretty sight to see thousands of people reduced to begging the streets and living under plastic sheeting on street corners. I don’t understand your elderly voters cheering for such detrimental actions.

    1. Many Americans haven’t traveled aboard and have no idea what happens when a democracy falls. To them people who are suffering somehow brought it on themselves and then they call themselves Christians. I hope things get better in your country.

  5. Your election is exhausting and scary.
    Hahaha, the 8th day of creation!
    Anyway, glad you voted and it turns out trump was a loser with his picks. The GOP didn’t get their sweep.
    So, more importantly, What is your cat’s name?????

  6. So that’s what “deniers” are? I was puzzled at the word I’d seen here or there. Denier as in Deny? 😳 (Denier in French is an old type of coin. MIddle ages…

    1. The so-called election deniers feel that any election that doesn’t go their way has been rigged. So they stand around outside the voting booths and threaten people.

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