No way to start the season

Election day I tripped and fell over onto a slate floor. Chipped the right kneecap and sprained the left ankle. Luckily I still had my mother’s walker. And so now I hobble about the house trying not to put too much weight on either of my legs.

In order to spend as little time as possible on my feet, I’ve moved my base of operations out to the kitchen. Toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo and condition, towels and washcloths, computer and iPhone. Kleenex, Nuprin and … other crap. It’s not the most comfortable room in the house. No big comfy sofa and it’s on the shady side of the house. Brrr. But that’s where the food it. I was bedridden once with double pneumonia and my dear sweet hubby decided that meant I didn’t need any food or drink. And he couldn’t hear my cries because the kitchen is on the opposite end of the house.

I meant to post this link on Veteran’s Day. My friend Duke Miller’s latest collection of prose poems. He’s a veteran of unknown wars whose victims aren’t often counted. I edited the book and designed the cover. Click here to win a copy.

Anyway, I will miss long shuffles through the falling leaves. But I might actually get to my long list of TBRs.

29 thoughts on “No way to start the season

  1. Ouch! Sorry to hear you’re laid up, but I’m impressed with your move to the kitchen idea. My husband is the worst nurse ever… I may have to try that next time I’m down for the count.

  2. So sorry to hear you’re on the shuffling-wounded list. Best wishes for a speedy recovery or at least a move to a more comfy room.

    And don’t worry about depending on the husband for sustenance— that’s what the Goddess made UberEats for. (They bring milkshakes. Nuff said. )

  3. Oh this is so lousy and I’m sorry and I cannot imagine how I’d handle it. However there’s always something good going on in the kitchen so brilliant idea to recuperate there.

  4. UGH! So sorry. I don’t know what I would do if I were injured like that. I guess I would camp out on the sofa, near the bathroom and kitchen, but we live in a townhouse with no shower or tub downstairs, so it wouldn’t be fun. My husband is attentive when I need help, but he goes in to an office, so I’d be mostly on my own.

      1. I fell hard and got a small crack in my shoulder bone that hurt for a few years. Not a lot, just when I would put my arm in certain positions. I hope your chipped bone is not at all like that. But mostly it was fine. Is fine.

  5. Oh Jan, how awful for you, I am sorry. Getting closer to the kitchen and (probably) bathroom is the greatest idea…I’ve been there and it suffices, but oh what a miserable time. That’s a really sweet photo of your feet. I hope you heal quickly….

    1. Thanks Jet! My Santa socks were the only ones that fit over my swollen foot! I’m a bit of a mess right now. Left foot is in a one of those boots. Right leg is in a brace. I suppose they’re necessary but boy are my legs sore.

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