Miss Judith and Double L

While most of my friends are ready to watch that final rodeo from a comfortable easy chair, my friend Jude (Miss Judith to all those writers she successfully schooled in the finer points of grammar back in the day) has gotten hitched again and set off with her buckaroo on a series of adventures. The lucky gent, known as Double L, is a successful architect and landscape photographer. So I thought in honor of Green Day, I’d post a few of his photos for you all to enjoy. With his permission, of course.

Photo by Larry Lewis, aka Double L

The above photograph was taken near their home in Visalia California. You can still see the snow on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada range.

Only Miss Judith could attract such a glamorous looking cow!
Photo by Larry Lewis – can you spot the cow grazing?

21 thoughts on “Miss Judith and Double L

  1. Double L is a great nickname – and his photos are wonderful – which also show the absolute beauty of California!
    I once drove from San Jose to Long Beach and the drive was amazing – even thru Los Banos!
    Also – I saw the cow but had so zoom in !

  2. Hi Jan,

    Rain. Good stuff comes from clean water and fresh air. It was always a wonder to watch the desert change. Despair transformed to smiles and it is our fate to go up and down until we can’t. Thanks for your friend’s photos. Capturing moments in time and space and there is something to be said for photography as the best thing humans have ever invented. Way better than guns. Too bad the second amendment doesn’t read, “the right to bear a camera …” Duke

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