Wonderful Opportunities on Mars

I turned on the television last night and watched a reporter interview a group of Trump supporters about the Space Force.  He asked them perfectly reasonable questions such as: We already have a branch of the military dedicated to space exploration.  Why do we need to spend billions of dollars for another? 

The answer that made the most sense was “Because I like the way it sounds.

Another question was: What will the purpose of the Space Force be?

There again the answers befuddle the mind. Apparently General Zod is planning to return from exile and join forces with the ISIS terrorists currently circling earth in their drones and, because Superman is dead, we’re up shit creek without a paddle without Space Force.

Kneel before Zod

The last question I remember was:  The Pentagon says forming another branch of the military is pointless so why go to that expense?

The Sea of Tranquility on Mars, honest.

Guess what? NASA hasn’t been telling us the truth about what’s up in space. Mars is a lush paradise with riches beyond belief and plenty of oil so drill, baby, drill!  Jobs for everybody! 

Here’s the question I wish the reporter would have asked: Once Space Force conquers Mars and forces out the current occupants (who are illegal rapists and murderers from the planet Saturn) would you take advantage of his offer to send you and your family on an all expenses paid vacation to the Trump Red Planet Resort on the Sea of Tranquility? 

What question would you like to ask Trump supporters about Space Force?