A new face #MuralMysteries

A couple of new critters have been added to the right hand side of the mural.

Can you spot the lizard? And the face? Perhaps if I zoom in.

What’s your guess? A rabbit? Or perhaps a cat?

Meanwhile, on the other side the artist is working on foliage.

Here’s she is from the side clearly enjoying her work.

Across the street, Grasshopper Topper is getting some color.

He’s holding what appears to be the longest carrot ever grown! Although I can’t tell what’s in his other hand … ideas?

I probably won’t have a chance to walk downtown until Saturday … by then some of the mural mysteries will be solved.

Here are shots of the mural as it’s being painted.

Walking the Res

Ah, once again, another Blogger’s Lazy Day (known as #WordlessWednesday to Twitterbugs)


“I hope you don’t mind. I let myself in, dude. Time to party!”

First an update on the animal party taking place in our cellar, (Maybe it’s a Drunken Kangaroo) it took about five minutes for Crocodile Dundee to find a hole beneath our deck that has eluded us for, I dunno – 20 years!  In his words “That hole’s so large, I’m surprised you didn’t run into an elephant in your cellar.”  I felt as stupid as the time I paid a refrigerator repair man $75 to tell me the darn thing was on the fritz because the freezer door wasn’t closed all the way.   Have you ever paid someone to point out what a ninny you’ve been?

Okay, back to wordlessness or, in this case, the reservoir near my house . . .


Greeted by a hungry family. Sorry guys, no treats!


On Sundays the lake echoes with the laughter of paddle-boaters as they embark on pirate adventures


One of the more secluded fishing holes.


The view from a path above the reservoir.