A new face #MuralMysteries

A couple of new critters have been added to the right hand side of the mural.

Can you spot the lizard? And the face? Perhaps if I zoom in.

What’s your guess? A rabbit? Or perhaps a cat?

Meanwhile, on the other side the artist is working on foliage.

Here’s she is from the side clearly enjoying her work.

Across the street, Grasshopper Topper is getting some color.

He’s holding what appears to be the longest carrot ever grown! Although I can’t tell what’s in his other hand … ideas?

I probably won’t have a chance to walk downtown until Saturday … by then some of the mural mysteries will be solved.

Here are shots of the mural as it’s being painted.

21 thoughts on “A new face #MuralMysteries

  1. It’s looking better and better. I find it interesting because our younger daughter was asked to be part of the small team that did a mural on a bank wall back east. The artist outlined it and the other two did the rest of the work. Our daughter even learned how to operate the equipment so she could get where needed. A great experience.


    1. That may be what’s happening here. At first there were at least three ladies working on the mural when I took my walk. And they do look fairly young.

  2. I think the carrot is a long walking stick created for this rabbit. Stylish, you know. As for the eyes on the mural, I’m going with cat– or a wolf?

    1. I think you’re right about the walking stick but the animals on the mural are supposed to be local and we don’t have wolves! Yet! Unless we have werewolves.

  3. I love this mural so much! I hope it’s a rabbit, the face that is, for the sake of the cute bird. Lionel Lizard is gorgeous too. Those artists are so good. I think the rabbit has a carrot in both hands .
    Please keep updating us 💜

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