Write About Dogs

On January 6th, I will have been blogging for a year.  Insane, I know.  I think I have seven followers however, because this is blog number 50,  lack of followers hasn’t stymied my blog vigor.   Well, it’s hardly vigor.  Once a week I sit down at my computer with a blank mind.  I swear, a completely blank mind. Then a crazy idea enters my head and before impulse control can kick in, I’m off and running.  So far, I written about:

to name just a few.


However, my most popular blog was Dog Daze which  included this picture of two canines totally unrelated to me which I think demonstrates that if you want readers, write about dogs or at least include the word “dog” in your title along with a picture of some adorable mutt.
On another though similar note:
Because top ten lists are so blasted popular this time of year, I’ve decided to post a list of my top ten blogs for the year 2013 (based on comments received):
  1. Dog Daze – an ode to small town Fourth of Julys 
  2. Cloud Forests and Capybaras – interview with author Cinda MacKinnon (includes a picture of her adorable dog Gaston)

    Baby Gaston (2)


  3. Moby Jan – golfing in the Mayan Jungle
  4. #rukidding – tweeting from gynecological stirrups


    Sign in OBGYN waiting room

  5. Dem Dam Hippies’ Christmas in Have You Been Saved Missouri – the Hong Kong flu and an ice storm enhance the Xmas experience
  6. Shattered Glass, Shattered Lives – Melody Paris describing her inspiration for the cover of FLIPKA
  7. Black-eyed Susans – memories of a tornado in Michigan
  8. Sigmund Freudicon at Your Service –  the first couple of pages of FLIPKA posted by Twissel’s handler after her breakdown
  9. Release Anxieties – post publication jitters
  10. Man Training 1.0 – Hubby attempts to train squirrels, squirrels instead train man.


    Squirrel trains man

I keep expecting someone to pop up and say “stop this blogging nonsense.  You clearly have nothing to say that makes any sense”  but they haven’t and so I suppose I’ll continue on next year, however, henceforth I’ll include the word “dog” in all my titles.  Then I’ll make it a point to post pictures every doggie and kitty I come across.  prettykitty
Happy New Year, everyone.

3 thoughts on “Write About Dogs

  1. Happy 1-year anniversary, Jan (yours is Jan 6th, mine is Jan 22nd). I had to chuckle with your comment about including the word “dog” in your title. I am a sucker for a well-written post that has a four-legged friend in it (Dog Daze made my top 10 list). Personally, I don’t think you’ll be getting a “stop this blogging nonsense” comment any time soon. All the best for 2014. Keep on writing before that impulse control can kick in (smile)

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