Okay Hollywood, Brad Pitt’s not getting any younger


After a month of feeling lost and stressed to the point of damaging my health, I’ve decided not to rush my books back into print but to steady my nerves and move forward one step at a time.

It’s mortifying to think back on those first heady months as a “published writer.”  Don’t laugh, but I actually bought a day planner to keep track of all the events I’d be invited to, the book signings, the interviews, the meetings with Hollywood producers all begging to transform FLIPKA into a block-buster mega hit starring Brad Pitt as Captain Wug.Pitt

Those of you who’ve read the book are thinking “Pitt’s too young.”  Well, if and when FLIPKA ever makes it to the big screen, he’ll be too damn old.

Suffice it to say, the day planner was a complete waste of money. Oh, I worked my fanny off begging and pleading for reviews, blogging, tweeting, pinning, throwing a release party, meeting with a book club (thanks MA) and signing books up in Reno (thanks Mom) –  but as the months went by, no calls from Hollywood.

After realizing there would probably never be a FlipkaWorld at Disneyland I moved on to my next hope for fame and fortune, The Graduation Present. Surely it would intrigue the movie people. It had adventure, romance and another made-for-Hollywood character, Oncle Boob.  But they better hurry.  Brad Pitt will soon be too old to play him too.

Brad Pitt lookalike, Oncle Boob

Brad Pitt lookalike, Oncle Boob

Unknowingly I had committed a mortal sin by writing that book. I’d changed genres. Cross-genre writers are literally the two-headed monsters of the literary world. Ask any expert on “branding.”

Ah well. I’ll probably republish the first two books with minor changes.  However the third book I need your help with. I’ve never liked the title – Willful Avoidance. Sure, it deals with a grim subject – Innocent Spouse Relief – but that doesn’t mean it has to be saddled with a grim name. Can you think of a funny title for a book about divorce and taxes that ends with a talking dog?  Thanks!

20 thoughts on “Okay Hollywood, Brad Pitt’s not getting any younger

  1. Ah yes, Jan. The Graduation Present, another one of your gems. Love the Oncle Boob Brad Pitt lookalike! Congrats on not racing to re-publish. Wise, I think. But then, to each his own. I’ll try for a Willful Avoidance title, later.

  2. Not true! I’ve heard the opposite. Cross-genre keeps you from putting all your eggs in one homogenous bland batter. Check out Chuck Wendig! I plan to do the same.
    BTW, I think FlpkaWorld has a nice ring to it.

      1. A writer has to write what’s in them, and sometimes that dips into multiple genres. A recent talk I went to about publishing said it takes 7-8 titles in same genre and that’s when an indie author might expect to see a decent return on their investment.

  3. Without going into detail, my heart goes out to you regarding your published work. As for your need for a title, how about, @Zen and the art of form filling@ :))))

  4. I know you’re in pain, but dang it if you don’t manage to make me laugh! We all write with the secret hope of our work being turned into a major movie staring Brad Pitt or some other Hollywood notable. BTW, I think the title Willful Avoidance is perfect–it entice me to read the book, which I loved.

  5. Thanks for the laugh, Jan. Funny, but I actually think Uncle Boob looks a little like Brad Pitt. When you republish, maybe you should send a copy to Brad’s agent. Can’t hurt, right?

  6. I appreciate your humble frankness, Jan, and like Inese above, your sense of humor. As a fellow Indie writer, I have had similar experiences. Not always an easy road….

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